Monday, 1 June 2009

From under the Sun.....

Wow, where has this glorious weather come from then? It's been absolutely beautiful the last few days and I'm enjoying every second.

Yesterday I managed a 35 minute walk in the sun too which was great......except for the red arms! I only wish I felt better in my Summer clothes as I promised myself I would.....still, there are a few weeks to go yet until I board a plane for my first holiday of the Summer! I WILL feel better by then, honest (where have I heard that before?)

The early starts are still getting to me but at least my shift is quite good fun. I have some lovely radio stations to broadcast to with some fantastic people too. The mornings go quickly and I am enjoying being back behind the microphone.

The Bean is doing fine, he's back to school today after a week off so we'll see what happens! Over the last few weeks we have had more red cards than I care to mention but I hope we're on the up now. He came up with a funny phrase over the weekend, apparently when you come to a roundabout and go straight on that is now known as a 'straight onner'. Make sure you use it conversation at least once today OK?

Right, time to dial into Radio Humberside again.............