Thursday, 4 February 2010

Dark clouds and silver linings

I haven't blogged for so long, and even writing this now I'm not convinced I'm going to post it. Thing is that I'm struggling at the moment and I believe that many people have been down in this dark hole. And yet, despite the numbers of people who suffer through it, depression is still very much a taboo subject. I feel as if I have a dark cloud over my head as I type this, who wants to read about depression? Well, maybe someone does. Maybe, just maybe, it will help someone to know that they are not alone and not going insane.
I have been here before, I know the symptoms and I know I will survive. I will get there. Sometimes, it's only minute by minute but I will push through. I have knowledge of the causes of my feelings and, as I have mentioned before, I am awaiting counselling to help me with some of those issues. Maybe it will help me to share those here sometime, I don't know. Maybe some subjects are too much for a blog, I don't know.

So that's what's on my mind. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone or put a dark cloud on anyone's day but if I may have helped one person to see a glimpse of a silver lining then it's worth it in my opinion.