Thursday, 4 February 2010

Dark clouds and silver linings

I haven't blogged for so long, and even writing this now I'm not convinced I'm going to post it. Thing is that I'm struggling at the moment and I believe that many people have been down in this dark hole. And yet, despite the numbers of people who suffer through it, depression is still very much a taboo subject. I feel as if I have a dark cloud over my head as I type this, who wants to read about depression? Well, maybe someone does. Maybe, just maybe, it will help someone to know that they are not alone and not going insane.
I have been here before, I know the symptoms and I know I will survive. I will get there. Sometimes, it's only minute by minute but I will push through. I have knowledge of the causes of my feelings and, as I have mentioned before, I am awaiting counselling to help me with some of those issues. Maybe it will help me to share those here sometime, I don't know. Maybe some subjects are too much for a blog, I don't know.

So that's what's on my mind. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone or put a dark cloud on anyone's day but if I may have helped one person to see a glimpse of a silver lining then it's worth it in my opinion.


Debs said...

I would think that sharing your experience of depression must surely be helpful to someone else in the same position.


Carol Anne Strange said...

Sending you bright wishes, Jayne. Hope that cloud turns into blue skies very soon. Much love. xx

kestrel said...

Sharing helps and it was good of you to write the post, like you said, someone else may also be feeling the same and it is nice to know that we are not alone. Sunny days for you soon and remember you are never alone

Suzanne Jones said...

Jayne, I'm sorry, thought I'd commented on this ages ago.

I agree that writing about your feelings will help you and everyone else going through the same thing.

Thinking of you.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Wish I'd come by earlier for this wonderful post... certainly not a subject to be swept under the carpet. There are a lot of blogs out there at the moment talking about depression. Wish I could remember which ones... but certainly one called exmoorjane... come by my blog and see if you can find her. It may be a couple or more posts back... but will signpost you in the right direction. I think people are trying to raise awareness of depression and how it is.
In the meantime I really hope that the black dog has eased off and that counselling has helped. Lots of hugs. xx

Chynna said...

Jayne, I think it's fantastic that you're using a creative way to work through your depression. I've lived with depression for a very long time myself (something I inherited from my mum!) and have always used natural, holistic ways with dealing with it---one of them has been writing.

You are brave to talk about your experiences and I admire you so much for doing so. It astonishes me, with so many 'coming out' so to speak, that it's still considered a 'taboo' subject. UGH.

Life is hard and all of us needs help getting through it once in awhile. It's when you DON'T see it or WON'T deal with it that is the issue. So, good for you for taking care of yourself and forging bravely ahead. You are inspirational =)

Loads of love,
Chynna xo