Saturday, 22 May 2010

Catching up on the last 4 months......

It's been four months since I last posted, wow and what a four months it has been. Thank you to those who have been in touch and commented....that means a lot to me, I'm sorry if I've not shown my gratitude enough. I really do appreciate and feel your support.

So, how are things? .....well, I'm getting there. I'm now back in work after taking 7 or so weeks off at the Dr's advice. I think it did me a lot of good, gave me the space and the time to react to what I was trying to deal with. But now I'm back, that's helping me too. I'm very lucky to work with an inspirational group of people who are there to help and support me when I need them too and make me laugh constantly - they are worth their weight in gold!

I'm amazingly STILL awaiting my first counselling appointment....shocking I know.... I've seen an initial counsellor who has diagnosed me with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).....she has referred me onto a psychotherapist....and I'm still waiting. I'm coping a whole lot better than I was, thankfully, but it does make me feel for those who struggle for long periods of time, those who maybe don't have the support that I do.

As for other parts of my life, Harry is getting bigger and bigger...he's 7 now... not my 'little' boy anymore, although in many ways he always will be of course. My separation from my husband is a lot more accepted and stable for the most part. We are all in the same house still at the moment, that won't work long term but for now it's OK. I have a broadened my horizons in terms of work colleagues and new groups of friends and I have points in time now where I really love my life. They come and go, but just to have them feels's a long way from where I was last time I blogged! Life's on the up - hurrah for that :)


Julie P said...

And may it keep going upwards!

Julie xx

Debs said...

Good to see you back and hear how much better you feel. I'm glad things are on the up for you.

Chynna said...

So good to 'see' you again, Jayne. You seem better.

Missed you!

(Hope you got the book. Let me know!)

Love, Chynna