Sunday, 23 May 2010

I don't think he gets it.....

My darling little boy, that is... Now, to me, he is wondderfully bright, articulate and clever but I may just be a little biased. On Friday they did a sponsored walk from school to the local country park, thankfully it was a beautiful day. But on Thursday night I may just have heard him utter the words, 'But why walk? Why can't we just get a coach?'. I'm thinking he may have missed the point?

On a similar note, it wasn't so long ago I spent a rather frustrating hour trying to explain the election to him. I felt I should try, my degree after all is in politics, I should be able to descirbe the basics without too much trouble. Wrong. It's impossible. He's 7. And as much as he did fairly well at understanding the actual concepts, the jargon and terminology just gets impossible. I mean, you can't explain anything without having to explain what you've just attempted TO explain.....candidates, parties (no, no cake or party bags), constituencies, Prime minister, councils, Goverment, House of Commons (no, not that kind of house), Downing St (er, yes that is a kind of house), House of Lords (no, that isn't...) it just goes on and on. Eventually his eyes had glazed over and my head was overflowing so I gave up. At which point he said he thought he got it. But he'd still just vote for his favourite colour, blue. I give up!

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Debs said...

I wonder if I could get a coach when I take part in Race for Life? Nope, thought not.