Friday, 27 March 2009

Lights in the sky.

Only a quick update but I just had to share how amazed I was at something I witnessed last night. Now me and 'space' have a love hate relationship. Yes, I am fascinated and in awe of the sky, the stars and the planets yet, at the same time, I don't like to think about it all too much. It makes me feel very small, very insignificant and scarily mortal and finite! Still, last night we had the news on and the weather man mentioned that at 20:01 the international space station would be visible in the sky and, possibly, so would the space shuttle that is on its way to dock with it.

For once it was a clear night, usually when these things happen we can't see a thing for clouds, but it was crystal clear last night. The Bean was already in his pyjamas but at 8pm we headed onto the drive. At first we couldn't really spot anything unusual but then my hubby found what we were looking for. It was a bright light, rather like one of the planets, but it was moving quickly across the sky. It was just amazing to think that this was something man made, something carrying people. And then I spotted another similar light following the first - the shuttle. These two lights crossed the sky in front of us in two or three minutes and then were gone but it's really left an impression on me. I can't quite describe why but I feel so happy that I saw them. I think they will be visible tonight as well, although a little later. Maybe I'll have another look. The shuttle may have docked by then. It's just amazing to me. :)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Thoughts and preparations

Another Sunday, already! And it's Mothering Sunday too so Happy Mothers' Day to all the mummies out there. I had a lovely card, two bears and a box of maltesers yesterday which was great, we usually celebrate on the Sat since I'm always in work on the Sunday.

I was saddened to hear of the death of Jade Goody this morning, how awful for her to die on Mothers Day. My thoughts are very much with her family, especially those beautiful two boys. What a hard time lies ahead for them all, I hope they remember her strength, grit and, of course, her infectious smile. Her death has brought back many memories of my mum these last few weeks, I;m hoping that once today is through I will remember the happy times more than the hard ones a little more.

I'm in work broadcasting for the next two days, on earlies too so I'm going to be very tired each evening! I have another 6 articles to write for VisitBritain before the contract finishes at the end of March and tomorrow I'll need to write my latest Weightwatchers blog.

I have received the date now for my interview for admission onto the PGCE course at university, it's next Monday and so I need to really make a start on my presentation. I think I'm decided on the subject but I really need to start thinking about writing stuff down and getting myself sorted! Maybe then the panic will really set in! lol

The Bean is still doing well, parents' evening went without a hitch last week and he came home with a bronze certificate and enamel badge on Friday for gaining 25 merits! Whooo! He's one clever little munchkin :)

Right, time for Radio Lancashire again, maybe I've just got time to put the kettle on first!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

It's non stop 'round here!

I love my sofa. Especially my corner of it. A few weeks ago I used to spend most of my time there, with a large cup of tea on the occasional table ( not sure what it is most of the time) and my laptop carefully balanced on the arm. There were times I wondered if I would take root there. Now, it's a different story. I don't get to sit on my sofa, what a treat that would be. An hour of peace and quiet......what a wonderful thing that would be. Alas, these last couple of weeks have just been non stop and, so far, I see no return to my quiet, sedentary life.

The three days of shadowing in a local secondary school went well, Mon - Wed of last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and it has made me more certain that I really want to do my PGCE. I learnt a lot from sitting in on the classes and observing the teachers and students. The school has a lovely atmosphere and I would love to be able to do one of my placements there when the time comes.

On Thursday it was the Bean's birthday. He had a wonderful day, starting nice and early to unwrap his presents before school. He wore a big 'Birthday Boy' badge on his uniform and the class sang Happy Birthday to him. In the evening, his party was a wonderful success, children and adults seemed to have a good time. After a little more playing it was time for bed. One happy and tired 6 year old.

On Friday it was the next round of the Urdd Eisteddfod. The bean and others from his school all did ever so well. The Bean just missed out on progressing to the next round but he did himself and the school proud.

And so, on to this coming week. I've agreed to do up to four broadcasting shifts this week to cover for a friend who has lost a close family member. I'm not sure how many days I will be working but I'm happy to take it as it comes. The shift is an early one and so I'll be in for 5:45am.........tomorrow will be hard after my 12 hour shift today but I'm sure I'll get through - with strong coffee!! It's also parent's evening this week too! I wonder what his teacher will have to say about the little chap!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

What a busy week!

It seems a lot of fellow bloggers are struggling to blog recently! Makes me feel a little less bad about it! I don't know where the hours, days and weeks go.

Things are still hurtling along at a tremendous pace with one thing and another. This coming week will prove to be nom stop. I'm shadowing an RE teacher in a local secondary school Monday to Wednesday, it's the Bean's birthday on Thursday (and his party too) and then on Friday.....well more about that in a little while!

First things first, Monday to Wednesday. I am so looking forward to spending some time in the classroom again. I loved the day I spent at my old school but it's hard to know whether I enjoyed it for what I was learning or simply because it was my old school. It was like going home, so comfortable and cosy. Tomorrow will be a new school filled with new people and, no doubt, new challenges. I hope I come out the other side even more positive about this big move I am making.

Thursday - the Bean's birthday, can he really be six already? He's such a wonderful, special little munchkin and I hope his birthday is a whole lot of fun and happiness for him. We're planning on getting up early so he can open his presents before school and then his party is 5-7pm at a local playbarn. We're not going over the top, only about 11 children but it's enough. Somehow, I must remember to drop the food list off at the venue by Tuesday and take him to choose his cake too. I was holding a hope that I'd have a go at making one for him this year but with the way to week has fallen there's not much chance of that! Maybe next year!

Ah, so onto Friday....Friday the 13th of course. I can't remember if I had posted that this was the date I had been asked to attend the University for interview for entry onto the PGCE course? Well, of course I'd accepted. Then, Weds just gone, the Bean came home with a letter in his reading bag. He's been chosen to represent the school in the next stage of the eisteddfod! Whooo! When is it? Yup, next Friday. I wouldn't want to miss it for the world and so I phoned the university who were only to happy to move me to the group for the next date. So I'm waiting to hear when that is now. So Friday, we have to be at a local theatre in time for the class in the morning. If he gets through that stage then the next round is later on the same day.

So that's what's happening this week! Will I get time to blog? Who knows but if not I'll be sure to update next weekend! Wish me luck :o)

Monday, 2 March 2009

Interviews and nerves

The start of another week and I think, so far at least, it will be a fairly quiet one. There's not much in the diary so I'm planning to make the most of the time and catch up on a few jobs.

One big job I have to do is to prepare for my PGCE interview next Friday. The day not only involves the 'formal interview' but also a written task and a 5-10 minute presentation and so I will be spending a good amount of time this week working out which subject to concentrate on and preparing the presentation itself. I'm very excited but also increasingly nervous about the prospect......I'm sure I'll feel better once I've made a start.

Next week is the Bean's birthday - 6 already - and I'm still trying to sort out his party. I've left it a bit late to be honest as he didn't seem to worried about having one this year. Still, I'm sure we'll have it planned for the day! Honestly!

Writing wise, I've done two articles this weekend for a website based in Suffolk and I'll be doing my WeightWatchers blog this afternoon as well. Things are ticking over. I was broadcasting yesterday all day so I'm only half awake today......yawny yawn....maybe it's time for a brew :o)