Sunday, 8 March 2009

What a busy week!

It seems a lot of fellow bloggers are struggling to blog recently! Makes me feel a little less bad about it! I don't know where the hours, days and weeks go.

Things are still hurtling along at a tremendous pace with one thing and another. This coming week will prove to be nom stop. I'm shadowing an RE teacher in a local secondary school Monday to Wednesday, it's the Bean's birthday on Thursday (and his party too) and then on Friday.....well more about that in a little while!

First things first, Monday to Wednesday. I am so looking forward to spending some time in the classroom again. I loved the day I spent at my old school but it's hard to know whether I enjoyed it for what I was learning or simply because it was my old school. It was like going home, so comfortable and cosy. Tomorrow will be a new school filled with new people and, no doubt, new challenges. I hope I come out the other side even more positive about this big move I am making.

Thursday - the Bean's birthday, can he really be six already? He's such a wonderful, special little munchkin and I hope his birthday is a whole lot of fun and happiness for him. We're planning on getting up early so he can open his presents before school and then his party is 5-7pm at a local playbarn. We're not going over the top, only about 11 children but it's enough. Somehow, I must remember to drop the food list off at the venue by Tuesday and take him to choose his cake too. I was holding a hope that I'd have a go at making one for him this year but with the way to week has fallen there's not much chance of that! Maybe next year!

Ah, so onto Friday....Friday the 13th of course. I can't remember if I had posted that this was the date I had been asked to attend the University for interview for entry onto the PGCE course? Well, of course I'd accepted. Then, Weds just gone, the Bean came home with a letter in his reading bag. He's been chosen to represent the school in the next stage of the eisteddfod! Whooo! When is it? Yup, next Friday. I wouldn't want to miss it for the world and so I phoned the university who were only to happy to move me to the group for the next date. So I'm waiting to hear when that is now. So Friday, we have to be at a local theatre in time for the class in the morning. If he gets through that stage then the next round is later on the same day.

So that's what's happening this week! Will I get time to blog? Who knows but if not I'll be sure to update next weekend! Wish me luck :o)


Debs said...

Phew, you certainly do have a busy week ahead of you, I bet you can't wait until the weekend.

Sending birthday wishes to Bean for Thursday. I loved my childrens' birthdays when they were small. My favourite photos of them were the ones when they were half asleep and still ripping open their presents.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Time seems to be passing so quickly. I've been struggling to update my blog too!

It sounds like you have an exciting week ahead. Enjoy every moment!

Happy Birthday to the Bean too. BTW - loved the pony pics on your FB! :-)

Mummy said...

Debs - thank you. I'll be sure to have the camera at the ready

Carol - Glad you like them! Rusty is certainly a character! I'll embrace my busy week and keep you in mind :)

Sunshine said...

What's up Busy? You certainly have a lot of good things going on! Looking forward to hearing more!

Happy Birthday to the Bean! What is the playbarn? My daughter's bday is coming up too!!! I feel a blog post coming on...;D

Dee from Downunder said...

You've been up to a lot lately!

Good luck with the PGCE