Friday, 27 March 2009

Lights in the sky.

Only a quick update but I just had to share how amazed I was at something I witnessed last night. Now me and 'space' have a love hate relationship. Yes, I am fascinated and in awe of the sky, the stars and the planets yet, at the same time, I don't like to think about it all too much. It makes me feel very small, very insignificant and scarily mortal and finite! Still, last night we had the news on and the weather man mentioned that at 20:01 the international space station would be visible in the sky and, possibly, so would the space shuttle that is on its way to dock with it.

For once it was a clear night, usually when these things happen we can't see a thing for clouds, but it was crystal clear last night. The Bean was already in his pyjamas but at 8pm we headed onto the drive. At first we couldn't really spot anything unusual but then my hubby found what we were looking for. It was a bright light, rather like one of the planets, but it was moving quickly across the sky. It was just amazing to think that this was something man made, something carrying people. And then I spotted another similar light following the first - the shuttle. These two lights crossed the sky in front of us in two or three minutes and then were gone but it's really left an impression on me. I can't quite describe why but I feel so happy that I saw them. I think they will be visible tonight as well, although a little later. Maybe I'll have another look. The shuttle may have docked by then. It's just amazing to me. :)


Debs said...

I've noticed satellites and shooting stars in the sky, but never the shuttle (or maybe I just didn't know what I was looking at).

I fit it so fascinating looking at stars and the moon, and thinking how incredibly far away they are. So calming too.

Carol Anne Strange said...

What a fantastic sight! I love watching the night sky. It always inspires the imagination and makes me think of adventure. I must look out for the shuttle. xx

Annie Wicking said...

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Best wishes,

kestrel said...

I don't watch the skies much as there's too much lights in the city. But I saw a shooting star one and have never forgotten it. Know the feeling, makes us realise we are tiny in this universe, Greetings from malaysia

Margarita said...

I'm a bit of a dork with that too, it's fun to watch silly things like that in space occasionally! That's fun that you got to see it!

hoobies said...

I watched a few Shuttle take-offs when I was working for my brother in Melbourne Florida...just a bit south of Cape Canaveral where they take off from. We were miles away from the take off site...but the fiery, smoky trail was not to be missed.
I always felt happy that I got to witness...albeit far away...those moments of history.

I do love gazing up at the night sky, too.

xo, Mojo