Sunday, 10 August 2008

Thinking to 2012....

Today is Sunday, OK you probably know that, but for me Sunday means a 12 hour shift in work. Yawn..... I now have only 20 minutes to go before I can make a start on the hour long drive back home. We've had the Olympics on the telly today in the corner too. It's just fantastic to see so many sports that normally don't get the time of day - the gymnastics, the synchronised diving and the dressage to name just a few. PLUS the big news of the day, Team GB have won their first gold medal! Whooooo!!!! Having watched the video of the win I can understand how it happened. This was the cycling road race - won in torrential rain. If there's one thing our athletes are used to it's training in the rain - no wonder she won!!!

I've also been giving some more thought to the upcoming London Olympics in 2012.....yes only 4 years time and the Olympic spotlight will be shining brightly on Great Britain. It's a concept that I can't really get my head around and the more I think about it the more baffled I become. I mean, take the opening ceremony for a start. China filled it full of their history, culture and was on a major scale and just beautiful to watch. I ask you, how is London going to follow that????? How can we? We don't have the same kind of organised background to show off!!! We could have a brass band maybe? A few clog dancers, a harp even..... but it's just not going to cut it against several thousand dancers and Confucious is it? Maybe we could have the olympic flame shining brightly from a tea cup on the top of the stadium? And who's going to light it? Do we convince David Beckham to do the honours, after all he is one of the UK's biggest exports or maybe we roll out Her Majesty to run the final lap and light the torch?

I'm sure the big cheeses down in the capital have some ideas up their sleeves and it will certainly be interesting to see what they come up with!

OK only 10 minutes left....I'm off to wash my tea cup out before I go home!

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