Saturday, 9 August 2008

Well I can see that this blogging malarky is going to take work - not least in improving my memory! Over the last couple of days I have thought of quite a few things to spill out onto this screen but now I'm sitting here I can't remember any of them! Typical!

The weather here has been awful the last week or so and that's really not helping with it being the Summer holidays. In fact the whole concept of Summer holidays is grating at the moment. Six weeks is just a nightmare, especially with the rain falling almost every day. August in the UK is always the same - our plan for next Summer is to out of the country, by hook or by crook!

Last night I watched the opening ceremony to the Olympic Games in Beijing and I did so with a mixture of emotions. It's always just amazing to see so many countries coming together in this way and there is no doubt that the ceremony itself was beautiful to watch. However, I certainly could not put China's human rights issues to the back of my mind and as country after country entered the stadium it was a constant reminder of the questionable decisions that their government have made. So many people are affected by this massive nation and the tremendous power it holds and I can't help feel for those who find themselves on the wrong side of this power struggle. I especially have a place in my heart for the people of Tibet, in fact I watched the ceremony as a candle burned in my window to signify the brave people of this country and those living in exile from it. I do not consider myself religious at all although I would describe myself as spiritual and if you were to ask with which beliefs I most agree then the answer would be Buddhism. I find it a compelling and interesting doctrine and I love to read about Buddha and his followers. I also find meditation and yoga to be wonderful. I enjoy both although not as often as I should.

Tomorrow sees me in work very early, so I'll be off now. I'll probably write more in work tomorrow.......this will hopefully be one of the few websites that haven't been banned!

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