Thursday, 14 January 2010

Decisions, decisions

It's a wind and curving path isn't it, this walkway of life? You never quite know what is coming next....and maybe that is for the best. It would be rather dull if knew what was around the next corner I suppose. When I went to visit the Dr on Tuesday I didn't expect to be signed off work. But I was. And here I am. At least for one week, quite probably longer...... It's a strange position to be in but I'm embracing it at much as I can, resting, relaxing and allowing myself the space I haven't had.

Space and time can be dangerous things when you have them thrust upon you, I find. If I plan a week off then I have some ideas how to fill my time, things I would like to do and look forward the moment, I'm still in my pyjamas, can't decide if i want a shower or a bath or neither. There's so much snow outside that going anywhere, even for a walk is almost impossible.

I don't feel remotely creative today and am not drawn to writing at the moment. The way I feel I would probably kill my characters off or have a bomb land on the village....not the way I envisaged the plot going, to be honest. I can only assume that this weird headplace in which I find myself is actually doing me some good and that the Dr knows this is what I need.

I have so many decisions and ideas going round my head but I have no idea which ones, if any, are worth following up...and they are all life changing. At which point do I act and for how long do I sit here and see if they go away? Hasn't anyone written a manual for life yet?


Julie P said...

If only there was a one-size-fits-all life manual eh?! I hope you are well soon.

Julie xx

Carol Anne Strange said...

Sending you bright wishes, Jayne. I hope you're ok. As for the manual of life, I guess we're writing it and revising it as we go along ~ aiming to bring dreams into reality. Keep that light shining! Love xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Hope things improve soon.


Debs said...

Sometimes I think it's just good to take it easy and do nothing, hopefully then some answers might come to you. x