Saturday, 2 January 2010

Warm and cosy

Heee, this is the life. I'm sitting on the sofa in my pyjamas and dressing gown...with a large warm fleece over my legs (let's not mention the fact it's green with Ben 10 on it!), with the fire roaring away in front of me and a mixture of Enigma and Goldfrapp on Spotify. Fabulous!

I've had a fairly good day on the whole, although a visit to my mum's grave was a very emotional one. Still, I think that does me good. It grounds me. Reminds me of who I am. It's easy to forget sometimes as I get so wound up in things that are going on around me these days. There's no point, I can't control them. I need to concentrate on me.

So, that's what I've done. I've written my blog for the weightwatchers website today (I'm amazed to only have gained half a pound over Christmas!) so that is now sent and I have also spent some time working on my novel too. I would have liked to have spent longer really but Harry wanted me to watch 'How it's Made - Super Cars' with the laptop went into hibernate but at least I know how to make a crash test dummy and that there's a 3 year wait for a Ferrari spaghetti (or whatever it was called!).

Tomorrow - BIG CLEAN DAY and I have to take all the Christmas decorations down....see, the four trees don't seem like a good idea now do they? Whatever possessed me??????


Debs said...

I need to remember to stop worrying about the things I can't change too, and take down those decorations. Can't wait to see the back of them now.

Jayne said...

Debs - I'm still fighting the Christmas decorations and I've been at it for hours. Only one tree down so far and pine needles EVERYWHERE! If I mention a real tree next year please remind me of today!

Paul said...

What a good positive post - you are starting off the year so well Jayne, blogging, novel and time with H. Great to read!

Suzanne Jones said...

I took my trees down yesterday - much to the disgust of my daughter who would have left them up until June, given the choice.