Friday, 8 January 2010

Facebook is for Life, Not just for Christmas.....

...or for any other short period in life! Or so it would seem.

Like many I sometimes question the amount of time I spend on Facebook. When I open my laptop I automatically go straight to Facebook. I don't know when or how this started happening but last week I decided enough was enough! There is more to life - there is a whole real world out here. And why I speak to people on Facebook when I can just speak to them in work....well, quite frankly, it baffles me!

And so, last Monday evening, I thought I'd do something about it. I was adamant. I was reclaiming my laptop. It's for my writing, first and foremost, not for social networking (and certainly not for social stalking!). And so, I made the big gesture. I hit the 'deactivate' button. There is no delete button, of course. Ever. Once you're signed up, you're there for life!

So there I was. Ever so proud. I was deactivated. I had disappeared from the Facebook alternative life was my own again. Wasn't it? Quick answer? No.

Next, the emails started......why had I deleted people from my friends on Facebook? I hadn't, of course, but this is how it appeared to my friends who had searched for me. I then had to send emails a plenty explaining that I hadn't deleted them, I had just deactivated my account and was spending some time away from Facebook. Next came more emails....was I OK? I'd been very quiet on Facebook recently..... more replies...., yes I'm fine thank you...and I'm just taking a break....etc etc ... By this point the texts had also started...... and replying to everything was actually taking more time than if I'd just stayed as I was!

And so, this morning, I reactivated my account...and updated my status to say that I haven't deleted anyone but am having a break from Facebook. What happens? People start replying to it...and asking questions....and writing on my wall! My conclusion? It is impossible to take a break from Facebook..........when you are lucky enough to have lots of wonderful friends who look out for you and miss you when you're not there. But, be warned....Facebook at your own risk - there is no way out!!!!


kestrel said...

Looks like it is face book forever!. This is the reason I never started a face book and my friends wonder why I am such a dinasaur in today's age where connections are at a touch of a button. Good Luck

Ladybird World Mother said...

I know that feeling... I'm not that into Facebook as its not quite 'chunky' enough for me... blogging is though, and it can take over the whole morning! Love your post... so get where you are! x

Suzanne Jones said...

Ohh, sounds scary - I'm glad I never started on Facebook.


Debs said...

I do look at Facebook once a day, but not for very long, and go mad when they keep making changes to it.

Granny on the Web said...

I have heard tell of this dilemma! It is the new addiction as well, I stopped smoking and drinking for my health's sake, now find my butt is spreading from sitting in front of this laptop all day!!!

Love Granny

Jayne said...

Kestrel - thanks for the luck! I may need it :)

Ladybird World Mother - I'm so glad I'm not alone and yes, blogging is another addiction, totally! But I can just about class it as 'writing' to not feel guilty! lol

Suzanne - good for you! lol I sometimes wish I hadn't!

Debs - they are forever changing it, you're right there! Maybe I should set a time limit when I do go back?!

Granny - hehehe I totaly understand! Online addictions are worse - at least you can go for a walk while you have a can even talk to real people when you have a drink too!

Anonymous said...
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1 husband, 2 kids (and lots of books) said...

How did we all get here. I check facebook every night too, despite the fact that virtually all of my 'friends' are about as good a friends as the postman... and I haven't started rugby tackling him in the street to ask what he had for dinner, what annoying things happened to him at work today or any of the other inane things my 'friends' like to fill their status boxes with. Come to think of it, perhaps rugby tackling the postman is the way to go... at least that would actually be real social interaction... and I might make a new friend!