Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Quick catch up

I seem to have lost the ability to blog!! Don't know where the days are going.....

I've been doing some writing, mainly for one regular client, but not much else as I've been taken over by all things Christmas! The decs are up and most of the presents are bought! Hurray! I haven't started the heinous job of wrapping anything yet and I've not written a single card either....the plan is to break the back of that job by the weekend.

The Bean decided last week that all he wants for Xmas is a £3 car from Sainsburys - comes with a screwdriver and in bits to put together. Had I got him one? No. Did they have any when I went to look? No. Has he asked both Santas he's seen so far for it? Yes, in fact that's all he's asked for! Thank goodness they had one on Monday so it's safely upstairs now....along with all the other far more expensive stuff that he now doesn't want.....typical! Good job I want the Wii then isn't it?! lol

Oh and I have now finished Christina Jones' latest book, Happy Birthday - I LOVED it!!! Highly recommend it for anyone's Xmas stocking!


Debs said...

It's so typical that they ask for the one thing you simply can't get hold of. I do hope you have some success.

Happy Birthday was wonderful, wasn't it.

Pat Posner said...

So glad you managed to get the car for The Bean *bless*.

Chris's book IS great, I really loved it and was so sorry when I reached the end.

You haven't mentioned snow! Have you really not got any?

Mummy said...

Debs - I have now got hold of it! Thank goodness! I was nervous there for a while!

Pat - Nope, we have no snow! It's been icy but that's as bad as it got. I know friends up in Manchester and Lancashire have really been struggling! My brother has his recall in London tomorrow - I hope he can get there OK! He lives in West Yorks!