Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Relaxed and Happy :o)

I'm having a really lovely week so far and a very relaxing run up to the Christmas holidays..... I managed to finish off the Christmas shopping last week, other than food shopping obviously and so it's really taken the hassle out of the next couple of weeks.

Monday saw the Bean's Christmas play in school which was lovely. A friend came with me to the afternoon performance and then SLA and his mum came along for the evening show. The Bean sang beautifully and said his one line perfectly, bless him. The show was his year and the year above so the older children had the bigger parts which they made a fantastic job of. Of course, this being a Welsh medium school the whole production was in Welsh, it sounded beautiful. Well done to them all!

The Bean was quite relieved when it was all over....he's going through a very odd phase and is very self concious of people he doesn't knwo looking at him! I know! Bizarre! He's never been like this before and last Xmas he had the star part in his school play....and the 20 or so lines to go with it. He loved it then. Not so much at the moment though, sadly. I'm sure he'll come through it quickly enough. He was OK with the school play after I explained that the audience would just be the other children's parents, grandparents etc and would be looking at their child - not him. That was fine. Then, yesterday, a letter came home saying that his year and another would be going carol singing at a local church later this week. I read the letter out loud in the car - he cried. Really cried - they might look at him! I wracked my brains trying to calm him again......and we were just getting somewhere when I read the letter again...Oh, they are going to two places carol singing - on the same day! You can imagine the hysterics that caused! I'm sure he'll be fine on the day, he'll be with his friends and that makes a big difference. I may just have a word with his teacher though - prewarned is prearmed and all that!

Tonight we have been working on some of the presents for my dad and my step mum. The Bean has drawn a portrait of them which I have framed...... you should see it. Maybe I should scan it in! lol We did the same a week or so back for SLA's mum and dad. That one turned out really well, they'll love it. It looks great. Tonight's work of art.....I'm not so sure! Honestly, my Dad has a head the size of a pea and my step mum looks like someone's stretched her on a rack and then left her out to dry......and the dog is in the corner... The overall effect is one of some kind of psychodelic, hippy sixties vibe....... I'm feeling I may get them something else to make up for it! LOL

Tomorrow I'm planning on getting more wrapping done, I may well need more paper so that's a good enough excuse to pop into town for a coffee maybe! Tomorrow night it's my writing group's Xmas get together. I've only been to one meeting since Sept which is a real shame, it's just the way things have worked out. I'm hoping to get there tomorrow night, last year we had a lovely time. We all go to the house of one of the group members and we all take something to eat. We all then do a festive reading of some kind (which reminds me I haven't written anything yet....) and then we stuff our faces! Yummy! It will be nice to see everyone.

Right, time to write something festive then eh?!


Debs said...

Well done finishing all your Christmas shopping that's fantastic.

There's an award for you over at mine.

Dee from Downunder said...

wow! busy week. i hope your lurgie goes fast.

Poror Bean, I can't offer any help, my girls are real "performers" LOOOVE people looking at them!

I often give the girls pictures as gifts to their nana and poppy, mum is an artist, so she appreciates them. I was thinking of a collage of items this time, like shells they have collected at the beach over the year, something a bit more "arty", If I get around to it in time, Our Wiggles concert is this Thrisday, so they want to draw for that first.