Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas Moments

That'll be another Christmas done and dusted then!

And what a lovely one it has been. Christmas Day we spent at home, just the three of us and the day just shot by. The Bean was overjoyed by his presents and the Wii was a fantastic hit with all the family! I spent much of the afternoon in the kitchen preparing the feast. I started off feeling slightly nervous but after sipping a glass of rose as I went it didn't seem to matter so much any more! lol Obviously gone are the days when I could hold my drink! One glass and I was rather wibbly I'm ashamed to say!

On Boxing Day my in laws came round and so I created another feast - they love my special jacket potatoes so I made those along with other snacks and platters......I had a little moment at one point when I wondered how I got to that point! It seems like mere weeks ago that I was the one in the front room surrounded by relatives whilst the grown ups beavered away in the kitchen and yet, there I was. In charge of this meal, alone whilst my husband, his parents and my son played and talked in the other room. I'll remember that moment for a long time, it was special.

Yesterday saw more visiting (and eating) and today I'm back in work. I somehow need to break the cycle of endless eating (I've already gained 3lbs!) and get back to some form of normality! Thing is, I can't see it happening this week as the schools are still off and so both the Bean and SLA are home all week!

This morning though I did book our Summer holiday - so that's my new aim! I will be slim and svelte by I just need to find a shop with a wii fit in stock to help me get there........


Hillary said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas, Mummy. As for being slim and svelte (I love that you used that word, lol)...YOU CAN DO IT!! I have every confidence in you!

Mummy said...

Thanks Hill, I was confident too, until someone suggested Domino's pizza in work. ooops. I think it's going to be difficult until the schools are back somehow!!!

Dee from Downunder said...

Those "grown up" moments are special. I felt that way with the first house we rented "together".

All that festive food is a probelm, I agree, its just sitting there, saying "eat me!"

Good to hear your christmas was a hit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hon,

Glad you had a great Xmas. You know, we must be on the same wave length as I booked our holiday online on the 28th too!!!

Suzie xx

Sunshine said...

Oh my gosh, I love how you put that...about cooking and being alone in the kitchen. I was totally feeling that too--like you, and in a good way.

And yes, the glass of vino does help things go a little smoother--or appear as if they are.

We are so grown up, aren't we? Happy New Year!