Monday, 9 February 2009

The Cat's out of the Bag

Monday again. How did that happen then?
This is the last week before the half term break here in the UK. Which means I need it nice and quiet, not much on. Wrong. I think there's something in the diary for every day of the week. I'll hit Friday wondering where the hell the days went, no doubt.
This morning I have spent on one task. A very important one. Now it is completed it means my mind is made up, the decision made. I have applied to return to university. I'm hoping to do my PGCE and become a teacher. A religious studies teacher.
I am terrified and excited in equal amount at the moment I think. I've been busy arranging observation days in local schools and doing as much research as I can. I'll let you know how I get on.
The pesky virus has turned into a hacking cough now. I picked up some more medicine from Sainsbury's this morning so I hope that will start to help. It's worse first thing in the morning but is making for a generall run down and crabby Mummy at the moment.
Right, it's 13:45 - I've just finished the form, I've got washing done in the machine, pots soaking in the sink and I've not had anything to eat since porridge at 8am this morning. I'd best go and sort myself out!


Carol Anne Strange said...

Congratulations on your exciting new direction! This sounds like an excellent choice and I'm sure will offer plenty of prospects for the future. I'll look forward to hearing more as you start this journey.

As for the virus ... I hope you're feeling back on form soon. Lots of drinks and treats should do the trick. :-)

Pat Posner said...

Sorry about the cough, Mummy. Get well soon!
And congratulations on making your decision.

Mummy said...

Carol - thank you! I'm drinking lots of tea and coffee incl green tea (all varieties!) and cammomile too...mmmmm. It certainly will be an interesting path ahead! I think writing about it may help keep me sane :)

Pat - thank you! xx

Debs said...

Congratulations on your decision to return to university.

I hope you feel much better soon.x

Mummy said...

Debs - thank you!! keep safe tomorrow! xx