Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snowy Twittering Birdies :)

This week has been taken over by the snow that has been falling thick and fast in many parts of the UK. To be honest, it hasn't been that heavy in North Wales but the Bean managed Monday and Tuesday off school anyway! Sadly I was struggling with a very sore throat and so didn't really feel like going out and playing. I feel like I've missed out now! We've had some more of the white stuff this morning but not enough to warrant another day off school. It does look beautiful though.

I've rediscovered Twitter the last few days as well - I've added lots of new people to follow, please do feel free to follow me if you are a fellow tweeter! Many UK tweeters are giggling about 'hedges' at the moment, it's a long old story but includes some of our most famous TV personalities - and twitter! I'm sure the whole story can be googled one way or another! lol

Yesterday I went round to my friend's house, she's a hairdresser and does a wonderful job of my locks in her kitchen! I love going to see her - I had colour put in yesterday with a cat on my knee for half the time and her 1 year old the other half! Just fantastic :)

The Wii Fit is going well, I'm loving the yoga especially and am starting to notice a real difference....not that the scales are shifting much so far! Tomorrow is weigh in day so fingers crossed.

Right, I need to make a move. I'm headed off to the salon in 15 mins or so and I don't want to be rushing in this weather. Oh, one more note, I'm SO happy I bought my bird table in October. This week we have had so many feathered visitors it's just been fantastic. I've got my rocking chair set up by the patio doors and I've spent ages just watching them fly in and out of the garden. It feels lovely to be helping them through this cold spell too. I'll try and get some photos if I can!


Debs said...

Poor you having a sore throat, mind you I love the idea of a rocking chair.

Suzie! said...

Hope you're feeling better now, hon. I look forward to the birdie pics! S xx

ChrisH said...

I love that feeling of having just had my hair coloured (oh, sorry everyone - there you were thinking it was natural!) but I always want it to stay like that. Well done on all the exercise!

aliqot said...

Sorry to hear you're not well and missing Sally's workshop, but lovely to read about your birds. We have put out no end of food for birds over the past few days.
Hope you 're better very soon.

Mummy said...

Debs - I love my rocking chair. It has special memories which makes it all the more comfy :)

Suzie - Still feeling rough as anything :( Not managed to get a still bird yet! lol

ChrisH - it's a wonderful feeling isn't it! lol I wish the exercise was paying off!

Aliqot - I will miss Sally's workshop but things are taking over and overwhelming me a little at the moment - this virus is making it all the harder! Thank you for your kind words :)