Sunday, 15 February 2009

Here's a frog with the latest travel news........

Blogging at 8:42am, it can only mean one thing. Yup, it's Sunday again and I'm in work.

This is the third week that I have been struggling with this virus and I am still really not able to broadcast. I sound more like a frog. I don't speak, I croak. It hurts to project my voice, not much voice comes out anyway and I find myself gasping for air. I am trying to decide my plan for the rest of the day. Until 2pm I only have two bulletins an hour, which I am just about getting through. After 2pm this rises to about 9 an hour and I really don't think my throat will stand for it. As much as I really don't want to I think I may have to phone my line manager later this morning and see if there's a plan B we can put into action.

Yesterday we had a lovely Valentine's Day - hope you did too :o) We took the Bean riding in the morning (he's still loving it) and then in the afternoon we went for a browse around the shops, a scoot (the Bean) by the sea and then for an Indian meal. I'm still stuffed - don't think I'll need to eat until at least tomorrow!

Only a day or so now til we head off to Spain for a short visit to my Dad. I'm really looking forward to seeing him and also looking forward to a bit of sun. As I look out of the window here in work I can only see smog and fog - not pretty. I'm also looking forward to having both my boys with me for the week. I love school holidays! No packed lunches to make, no worrying about uniform.......lovely!

I've not been doing a whole lot, work wise recently. Now I am set on applying to do my PGCE it's been taken a little out of my hands, really. I'm currently waiting for my reference to come through from my old university tutor. However, this week I do need to do 4 articles for VisitBritain and my WeightWatchers blog. I'll try to get them done early on in the week I think.

So that's life chez moi at the moment..........I think I'll pop down to the kitchen for another brew. Number three of the day :0) Well, I have got a sore throat. Then I'll try to work out what to croak to my manager when I phone him. Hmmmmmmm


Annie Wicking said...

I hope you feel more like your old self again soon.

Have a great week..


Debs said...

Hope your sore throat gets better very soon, and that you all have a wonderful trip to sunny Spain. x

Carol Anne Strange said...

Enjoy your trip to Spain! I hope the Spanish climes will make you feel better. x

Thames said...

Have a great trip to Spain, I'm very jealous!

Just found your blog from the Mum Club.

There's a very active British mummy blogger community at -- we'd love to have you there.

Sharon said...

Awww, I hope you feel better soon! By the've been tagged. See my blog. :)

ChrisH said...

I do hope your throat got better before you went to Spain. Have great time, lucky you.