Monday, 2 February 2009

It's an upside down, topsy turvy kind of day today.......not least because there is snow on the ground outside, we don't get much here at all but this week we have been forecast a fair bit. In all honesty I probably could have and maybe should have, taken the Bean to school but I didn't and so he is home with me today. His school is up a very steep hill and I didn't fancy driving up that in icy conditions and, since more snow is forecast this afternoon, I was worried he'd get stuck up the hill and be stuck at the bottom. So here he is.

On top of that, I started with a sore throat in work yesterday. ouch. My MIL had it last week and was off work all week with it and not it looks as if I've picked it up too. I was hoping that the broadcasting yesterday was making it worse and that when I stopped talking so much, it may ease. It hasn't. It's still impossible to talk and agony to swallow. Drinking and eating seems to help, sadly, but I'm trying to keep it healthy!

I'm about to write my WW blog for the week and I have to do some research today as well. In all honesty, all I feel like doing is relaxing with a warm drink in front of the TV. Oh well, I'll plod on.


Carol Anne Strange said...

Love the photo of the Bean enjoying the snow!

As for your sore throat, there must be another virus doing its rounds. I do hope you're feeling better soon.

In the meantime, take some time out, stay warm and relax. xx

Mummy said...

Thanks Carol, that's actually quite an old photo. He was about 3 there I think. Not taken any today come to think of it. I hope there's more snow tomorrow too. Poor little chap hasn't been out in it today, I feel so rough :( Lots of warm drinks seem to be doing the trick :)