Saturday, 22 November 2008

Blogging, books and bad teeth

Wow, is it really so long since I last blogged?? I'm terrible! Apologies for the break in service, but believe me you haven't really missed much!

My poor SLA has been off work again, with his teeth, again.....this has been going on since July one way and another and he's really struggled. Anyway, one tooth less and one root canal to go I think he's turned a corner and is really starting to feel more like himself again. The whole experience has underlined my dislike all things dental and I will still avoid going at all costs, although I was delighted to hear they can administer sedation at the surgery in case I did need any work doing.....a useful last resort!

I had the delight of starting a new book last night, Christina Jones' new novel 'Happy Birthday' - so far I'm up to chapter five and I'm loving it!!! Can't wait to read more in bed tonight. Thing is I have to be in work for 6am for a broadcasting shift tomorrow so I'll have to be strict and put the book down instead of staying up reading for hours! If you haven't checked out Christina's blog then you should - always gives me a giggle

The weightwatchers blog still hasn't appeared on the site, even though I'm about to submit week nine's installment! Having said that, it seems to be down for maintenance tonight so maybe they're updating it....very uselful timing as it means I really can't track the Indian meal I had tonight. Shame that.

On the writing front, I'm still editing a couple of stories for one of the weeklies. One is ready to go, the other a bit on the short side so I'm going to beef that up early this coming week. I've just sent a query off to another magazine, one of the women's monthlies with an article and I've been working with a client who is setting up a wedding planning site and writing the web content for her and working with a long term client writing text for his interactive music site. It's busy, busy, busy and I'm a bit behind on my VisitBritain work this month and need to get 6 articles submitted onto the site this week! Wish me luck!

Anyway, best finish up so that I can go and read my book before it's time for sleep! Thanks Christina :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi Hon,

toothache isn't funny! I hope your hubby gets better soon.

I still have 4 VB posts to do this week too.

Hey, guess what? I got two more book deals from the 4 proposals I sent off. Three out of the four hit the mark!

And like you, I'm still waiting to hear about the other book from the mutual publisher...

Suzie xx

Debs said...

Hope his toothache goes soon.

I'm exhausted just reading your blog, how much you have on the go right now. Best of luck with it all.

I loved 'Happy Birthday' too.

Mummy said...

Suzie - it certainly isn't funny! Well done on the proposals, that's fantastic!

Debs - Thank you :o) It does sound exhausting when it's listed like that, I'm sure it will all go, really! HB is fantastic - I'm loving every page!