Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Fireworks and NaNo

I'm just taking a short writing break to erm...well write this, so I guess it's not much of a break from writing! Hehehe

I've made a good start on my NaNo novel, well by my standards anyway. I'm just over 3000 words now, don't know if the widget on here is keeping up much or not! I'm enjoying writing and making most of it up as I go along, I have some ideas and plans for the characters but nothing is set in stone so who knows where they may end up?!!!

I'm going to break off a little bit now as I need to get 3 articles done for VisitBritain and I need to finalise copy for a website I'm writing for a Chef. It's easy to get carried away in my new novel but I have to remember the stuff I'm actually getting paid for!

Tonight, we're heading on over to my in laws for a little fireworks party. We've got 22 to let off, all nice and quiet ones I think and I'm going to call in at Sainsbury's and pick up the stickiest loaf of parkin cake I can find although I've never found one that betters the one my Grandma used to make. Just scrumptious. I won't be having much though as weigh in day is looming once again!

Have a happy and safe bonfire night everyone!

Hwyl :)


Pat Posner said...

Well done on the 3,000+ words, Mummy!
Have great 'bonnie', I hope you enjoy the parkin, fire spuds, hot chestnuts etc.
Oh, and good on you for buying quiet fireworks. I wish everyone was as sensible and thoughtful.

Debs said...

Have a lovely evening and well done with the Nano word count.

I'm staying in tonight as children with their father and the dog hates fireworks.

Mummy said...

Pat- thank you :0) It's not as much as a lot of people have written but I'm proud of it anyway!

Debs - have a lovely night in. I really feel for the animals around bonfire night and new years too. Must be scary for them. Our cockatiel gets scared too :(

Quillers said...

You're going great guns, Mummy, especially considering everything else you've got going on. I'm waving my pom poms and doing a ra ra dance for you.

Mummy said...

Thanks Sally - loving the pom poms!!! :0)