Friday, 7 November 2008

Phone calls and parents' evenings.

I survived parents' evening! Whoo! Actually they seem to like the little rugrat which is fantastic. We've gone from school to school of people who did nothing but criticise so to find a school that actually recognise what he has to offer is just so wonderful and reassuring!

I had to make a very important phone call this morning to speak to a publisher about a possible book. I've not written a book before, let along a factual reference type on, so you can imagine how petrified I was! Anyway, he was human, which helped immensely! I'll know the outcome in the next couple of weeks so I'll be sure to let you know how I get on.

Tomorrow we are celebrating SLA's birthday. It's actually on Sunday but as I'm in work on Sunday we are pretending it's tomorrow! I have lots to wrap for him later on today, cards to write etc etc I hope he has a truly special day :)

I'm off now to write my weekly blog for's not going well, actually, maybe that's harsh, it's just not going quickly. I've always been like this when some people can easily lost 2 or more pounds a week I faff around with half on and half off. It drives me crazy. This week I've only managed to lose 0.2lb....I may as well not have bothered! Here's to a better loss next how to write that in 500 words to submit! Hmmmm.....


Debs said...

Glad the parents evening went well, they are quite exhausting, aren't they?

Best of luck with your factual book, I hope they get back to you soon with possitive news.

Re WW, you lost, that's the main thing. I've had a week a bit like your and probably lost about 1/2 a pound, but at least it's going in the right direction.x

Ladybird World Mum said...

Parents evening,eh? Always a bit tense. I sometimes am on the other side of the desk with my teacher's hat on. (Would like to see what the hell a teacher's hat looks like)and its quite scary there too on occasion!
Glad yours went well.
Good luck with publisher. Just love seeing people managing to get on with their writing in such a significant way. Good on you!

Dee from Downunder said...

You have been busy! good luck with it all

Sunshine said...

Glad the teacher visit went so well! We just had them here too. :)

And Happy Birthday to Sexy Latin Astronaut! ;D