Sunday, 2 November 2008

Tic Tacs and Steps

It's another Sunday, another 12 hour shift - they come around very quickly don't they?!

I'm hoping to get some of my writing work done in the quieter times today, I've emailed it all to my work theory being that if I can get the money earning stuff done now I can actually make a start on the NaNo.....I'm falling behind already and we're only one day in!

The Bean gave us a bit of a fright yesterday. He's a fairly sensible type really, older than his years in many ways and forever asking questions about life, the universe and other unaswerable subjects..... Last night, however he reverted to the 5 year old head he should have and decided it would be a good idea to stick a tic tac up his nose. Why? I have no idea. I've asked repeatedly but have yet to hear an answer that makes even the slightest bit of sense. He was in the back of the car when he did it, maybe he was led to a sharp swerve onto the pavement where I thankfully managed to remove the small white mint from his equally small right nostril. Amen. And no more tic tacs for the Bean!

The other Bean development over the last few weeks is that he has found a real love for the music of 'Steps' - the group that is. I'm not sure if American readers will have heard of them, they did support Britney on a US tour once but I don't think they were that well known over the pond. They were big here in the UK though, albeit they were never 'cool'. They did real pop music, loved by children and those of us who are children at heart and aren't afraid to admit and accept it!

I was always a huge Steps fan, as was SLA, much to the amusement of many people, but we never cared. I was lucky enough to meet all 5 members of the band over the years through work and really don't have a bad word to say about any of them. Maybe I'll blog more about that in the future but for now I'm just delighted that the Bean has inherited such good musical taste! :0)


Suzanne said...

Sometimes children catch you unawares and act their proper age. Some years ago we had a similar drama involving a Hamma bead. It couldn't be reached by any means and in the end the doctor asked me to blow through my daughter's mouth to dislodge the bead - thankfully this worked.

I hope you have both recovered from the drama.

Mummy said...

oh my word!!! that must have been scary! I think we're recovering nicely now :0)