Friday, 14 November 2008

Writing, eating and a lack of routine!

What a crazy week! I've not managed to blog since Monday......

The bean didn't go back to school until Weds after his tummy bug. He still looks run down, I hate it when he's not at 100%. I hope he can get himself built back up to normal soon. Poor thing. He's gone to school in non uniform today as part of the BBC Children In Need Appeal. He's also taken some money for the Bring and Buy toy sale, I dread to think what he'll come home with. He's a sensitive little chap and quite often picks up the dirtiest and ugliest things because they 'look' at him. I do know that feeling but he even struggles at throwing things away such as broken clothes and toys.....poor mite. The contents of his school bag will be .....interesting this afternoon!

Anyway, SLA is now home from school ill. He felt bad on Wed night and went to the Dr yesterday - sinusitis so he's back on more antibiotics. Today he has to go back to the dentist again and hopefull, FINALLY have the tooth out that's been causing him problems for months now. I really hope he can start to put it all behind him from his appointment today.

With the extra bodies at home I've not got much writing done at all. I've all but given up on NaNo. I've not added to my manuscript for days now so I'm never going to hit the 50,000 mark by the end of the month. I will keep at it bit by bit though, just as a longer term project. I'm just brushing up a couple of stories to send to one of the weeky mags -so I hope they may get somewhere. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

WeightWatchers update I've lost 1.2 lbs this week. I thought it was more, but I'd forgotten how much I weighed last week....I know, I know. I'm useless! Anyway, it's a loss and I've just submitted my blog. Still no sign of it up on the site, I'll let you know when it appears!


Debs said...

It is a loss, well done.

You sound as if you've had a busy week, poor thing. It's horrible when the family are sick.

Mummy said...

Thanks Debs :o) I'm hoping for a healthier week this week!

Hillary said...

Sounds like you're juggling a lot this past week. Hang in there! Hope they're all feeling up to par soon!

I just want to tell you I'm very proud/in awe of the writing you do. I SAY I want to write, but I'm still not doing much about it! Frustrating myself with that one.

Keep at it, Mummy!

Tiffiney said...

Busy bee....hope your child gets 100% better soon!! Congrats on your weight loss!! :)