Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tuesday....need a kick up the bum!

It's all gone very quiet.....very, very quiet. Today was the first day in months, maybe longer that I've logged in to no emails. Not so many people seem to be blogging. I've got no new comments....it's getting rather spooky. I'm guessing it also means that other people have more to be getting on with than me, or at least they are more strict with themselves than I am!

The Bean seems to have settled back into school OK, we have parents' evening on Thursday. Tomorrow we are heading to my in laws for some fireworks in the garden so that should be lovely too. I haven't heard any more about the book possibility this week so no more news on that front just yet. Amazingly my WW blog is still not up on the site yet and I've just sent in week 6's installment! Obviously the WW team are still extremely busy.

I'm very disappointed in myself on the NaNo front. I still haven't started and I'm beginning to think now that there's not a whole lot of point as I'm so SO far behind. As you can no doubt tell I'm feeling a bit defeatist about most things this morning so maybe after a cup of tea I'll feel different! lol

On a brighter note an old friend got in touch via facebook yesterday and it's lovely to hear from her. We were really close throughout school and lost touch when we went to different univerisities really. It's been about 9 years or so I think. It's great to catch up :0)


Dee from Downunder said...

Hi, I have noticed it a bit quiet too! Possibly hallowen and elections in america for the US bloggers taking over??

Anyhoo - miss 3 is avoiding sleep, to off to be meanie mum!

Tam said...

It is jolly quiet...time to get my head down :-)

Suzie said...

I'm still here, hon. Just been away from my desk with kids docs appointments. Back now though :0)

Suzie x

Debs said...

I'm here too, mind you yesterday was rather hectic and so I didn't really have a chance to go online.

Hope you're feeling better now. x

Tiffiney said...

I love when I get to see old friends on facebook and myspace...life has been crazy this way this past week..stopping in to say Hello..have not seen you around to much...hope to see you soon...have a great week! :)