Monday, 10 November 2008

Tummy Bugs and Word Counts

I think I'd better blog quickly now, while it's quiet!

My little boy has succumbed to a tummy bug and so is home from school today. It's 9am now and he's still fast asleep so I hope that the rest will do him the world of good. He was only up twice in the night, he's coping really well, but it will be a day without food for him today as his little tummy needs a rest. He's been looking a pit pale since Friday night really so I'm glad he's getting rid of it now.

I've just read the lastest NaNo email - apparently the aim is to be at 15000 words by the end of play today.....not very likely I don't think! I'm not quite at 7000 yet. Oh dear. Oh well, I'll try to do some more later, depending on how the day goes.

I was supposed to be taking my MIL out shopping today, but I've had to phone and cancel and we were meant to be having lunch out too....hence there is nothing in the fridge to eat....lunch will be another bowl of cereal me thinks! lol

Right, I'm going to creep around a bit more and try not to wake the little man. Bless.


Suzie said...

My little one (5) is off today with a really nasty cold, too. So I'm guessing that I can wave goodbye to actually doing any work as she is a bad temptered as a hungry camel! lol

Mummy said...

Absolutely! I'm not getting a thing done. He's been playing on roller coaster tycoon for about 3 hours now....does that make me a bad mummy or is it OK if he's ill and it's keeping his mind of the fact that he can't eat??!!! lol

Suzie said...

You're not a bad mum, hon. I've distracted Heather with the DS Lite hehe

Mummy said...

lol...great minds think alike!! We're at 4 hours on there now I think....I've told him 10 mins and he's having a break from it!

Tiffiney said...

Sorry your child is not well..hope he feels better soon! Good luck on getting your writing done! :)