Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday's here again

We've had a lovely weekend, especially with it being SLA's birthday. It's actually today, but as I'm in work all day we celebrated yesterday. He was like a child opening his pressies yesterday which was lovely then we went out shopping for him to spend some vouchers he had received and then we had a lovely Indian meal last night. Just perfect. Except for the onions. I NEVER want to see another onion! I don't know what I was thinking of but I opted for onions in every course and spent all last night and most of this morning in absolute agony! I'm still not right! No more onions!

I've not got any further on NaNo, I'm seeing the 50,000 target slipping away from me to be honest. Although I did write over 1000 words in 25 mins on Friday night so I suppose if I was strict with myself I could just about catch up if I put the hours in. Thing is, there is just so much other stuff going on as well. I know I'm taking my MIL out to look for new curtains tomorrow and I'm meeting a couple of friends on Weds morning too to try out the new Starbucks that has opened in town......the house still looks like a tip and I'm wanting to really get it sorted in the next few weeks before the Xmas decs go up. I hate it to be cluttered before we even start!

Right, I'm off to do another broadcast now and to keep browsing the menu of a healthy food place I spotted just up the road. I'm spoilt for choice! I normally head to Subway for a salad but the thought of the onions just puts me off. I know I could just miss them out but I think I fancy a change :o)


Dee from Downunder said...

I like onions,to a degree.. but I always leave them out in takeaway food if possible.

Sounds like a busy week for you!

Debs said...

It's horrible when you can't eat something that you love. I'm the same with mouldy cheese (well, not mouldy, but Brie, Camembert, etc)

Glad to hear that SLA had a lovely birthday.

Mummy said...

Dee - I love onions, especially in curries :o)

Debs - I'm OK with them normally - it was just a bit of an overload last night! lol

Sunshine said...

Tell me about this broadcasting stuff...(please). You are sooooo interesting. Really, what don't you do, girlie?

Mummy said...

lol, Sunshine - I certainly don't think of myself as interesting! Broadcasting is more my background than anything else. I worked in radio and for the BBC full time up until having the Bean at which point I gave it up to be a full time Mummy. When he got a bit older...(and when the finances got smaller!) I went back part time and I now do a 12 hour day every Sunday editing and broadcasting the travel news on BBC local radio.