Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bad Mummy

Bad Mummy. Bad Mummy. I'm in the bad books, the Bean was VERY annoyed and upset with me when he went in to school this morning. Oh dear.

My crime?

I locked him in the car. By mistake. An accident. But he's making me pay for it. BIG time!

It was very icy by the school so I took a while getting out of the car, trying not to slip as I went. I picked up the bags, closed the door and hit the 'lock' button on the key fob, assuming the Bean was already out and standing by the door. I heard a SCREAM! He was still in the car so I unlocked it again and went round to open his door. He was in hysterics.

'You locked me in the car. It wouldn't open'
'I know', I apologised, 'I'm sorry, I thought you were already out.'

The tears were streaming down his face as we started the walk to the back door of the school building. He was still crying when we got to the front steps so I tried to make light of it, explaining that I wouldn't have gone without him - I was taking him to school. There wasn't any chance of me walking off without him now, was there. No point in me walking to the school door if he wasn't with me to drop off. Not likely I'd forget him!

As we turned the corner two of the others mums were passing by and asked what had happened, why he was crying. I explained, trying to keep a straight face. They laughed. Loudly. A lot.

The Bean stormed off.
I had a little chat with them and followed him, where he was waiting around the corner, now even more irate than he had been initially. Eventually, we got to the door. He tried walking past.

'Oi.' I said. 'In you go'. I kissed him on the cheek and he stomped off into school, almost knocking over the year 4 teacher as he did so. His class teacher was nearby so I explained to her. She laughed too. Thank goodness he didn't see that, or she would have had a very difficult day on her hands! I'm hoping he'll have forgotten it all by this afternoon!


The Dotterel said...

Very funny!

Mummy said...

The Dotterel - thank you! All is calm again now. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tiffiney said...

Forget....oh no...he will not..lol...he has something against you now..and he will use it and use it...oh man the things my kids remember and try to use against me at times...i just laugh and say ok sorry for the millionth time about that..but get over it..it was 5 years ago...LOLOLOL....cute story! :)