Friday, 16 January 2009

Coffee and contracts.

What a strange day it is today, one of those that just feels.....odd. Do you have them? I dropped the Bean off at school and headed into town this morning thinking a good walk would clear my head and make me feel better. And it did, eventually, but I spent most of the morning stamping around feeling sorry for myself and trying on clothes that I didn't like or didn't fit. Anyway, by the time I got back to the car I had stomped it all out and felt better.....

.....which was when I came home and checked the email. My contract with VisitBritain is finishing in March. This is my biggest, regular contract and brings in a substantial amount of my income. My last payment is in April. There is an exciting side to it, it's the joy of being freelance, new doors, new opportunities and all that, but financially it's scary - especially with holidays booked and bills coming through the door. I have until April to figure out a way to replace the income each month.

Last night was my monthly meeting of my local writing group. I enjoy our get togethers although I frequently don't write anything to read out to the group until the afternoon of the meeting. I don't know why, I just seem to work better that way. Yesterday I wrote a short piece on an idea I had a while ago. I've always thought of it as a novel, although I'm not sure it's got the legs to go 100,000 words really. Anyway, I wrote out the first chapter and read it to the group last night. I was really pleased with the reaction it got. People said they would look forward to hearing more and seeing where I go with it! 'So will I' I replied as I actually have no idea where it's going yet but I have some interesting options!

This morning's trip into town offered another part that will fit into the story perfectly too after an encounter I had with one of the members of staff at Starbucks! Is it wrong to include someone in a book? Do I have to change details of this person? I don't want to - it would work perfectly just as it is!

Well, I'm off to look for work :( Oh and log my weight on the WW site too - I've lost this week - not much but it's better than nothing! hurray!


Lucy Diamond said...

Hello, I found your blog via Debs's - it is so gorgeous, I am quite envious!
Re including the Starbucks staff member in your story, I'm really intrigued as to what happened now! I don't think it's wrong to include something like that in a book - recycling is a good thing, right??

Carol Anne Strange said...

Sorry to hear about the VisitBritain contract. At least they have given reasonable notice so that you can find other projects ... and I'm sure you will! Don't forget to ask them for a reference as it may help secure your next contract!

Good to hear that you gained encouraging feedback at the writing group meet. I'll look forward to hearing how the story progresses.

Writing hey ... the highs and the lows. Believe in yourself, stay positive and keep smiling! :-)

Mummy said...

Lucy - thanks for stopping by! :) You're absolutely right, recycling can only be good! I'll use it - word for word!!! Thank you! :D

Carol - thank you. Your optimism and belief is inspiring and infectious as ever. xx

Annie Wicking said...

Sorry to hear that in these hard time you've lost your main income.
I'm sure you're right, as one door closes another opens so they say.

Good luck in all you do,


Pat Posner said...

Hope you find a new door to open for you very soon!
Like Lucy, I'm curious about what happened at Starbucks.


Debs said...

Sorry to hear about your contract finishing, I hope something else comes up soon to replace it.

Well done with the weight loss, the main thing is that it's going in the right direction (that's what I tell myself when the scales move vaguely down a bit).

Good luck with the novel too.

Suzie! said...

Hi hon,

I'm with you on VB as my contract finishes too. I think they are making a mistake ending their marketing, but hey ho, that's just the way it is. Like you, finanically it has big implications for me too, but it also gives me the space to grow my fashion business:

I also registered my domain today ;)

Chin up hon, we will be ok xxxx

Ladybird World Mother said...

Absolutely agree. One door shuts and another one opens...
What a great thing to do, be in a writer's group. Should start one up round here. How many people in your group?? X

Mummy said...

Annie - thank you for stopping by and thanks for your words too. I'll navigate a safe way through I'm sure :)

Pat - lol - thank you. I'll share the Starbucks episode as soon as I have it written :) It will be a good way of getting some feed back too maybe? xx

Debs - I totally agree with the scales! The amount doesn't matter so as it's in the right direction!

Suzie - yup, we're in the same boat on this one! I'm looking forward to seeing Divalicious go from strength to strength xx

Ladybird World Mother - the writers' group is fantastic. We meet once a month at the library. We all read something we have written and then Aled, who runs our group and several others too, gives us an idea or theme which we discuss and write on for the next meeting. We don't have to stick to it but most of do, loosely at least. I'd say there are about 15 of us in the group. It's a nice number :)