Thursday, 22 January 2009

Thursday's Ramblings

There's trouble in camp! The Bean came home from school with a 'red card' yesterday. His first. Oh dear. This means he is in the bean version of 'Time Out' for some time today and tomorrow! It takes three warnings to get a red card - he managed them all in one day. I think he has learned from his actions though, I hope so! He's also full of a cough and cold. Seems really run down, poor thing. Lots of sleep and warm drinks coming up!

I'm still waiting on something, anything on the work front. I've filled in both my 'normal' job applications now so I will drop them off later on today. Still nothing back from the pieces I have subbed to the mags. One thing that has worked out though is that parts of this very blog are now going to be published in our local paper and on their website. It won't replace the work I am losing in March financially but you never know where these things can lead and so I'm not one to turn down an opportunity.

The weight loss is going well this week. It's offical weigh in day tomorrow, so I'll report back then, but I'm hoping to record a nice loss this week! hurray! My wii fit was supposed to be delivered today but instead, I received a letter saying it's delayed by a week. I'm beginning to think it's never going to get here!


Dee from Downunder said...

poor Bean, could it be his cold that made him do whatever to get the red card? That would be sad. My little one gets really naughty/trying when she's sick. I worry she'll be forever on the time out chair

Debs said...

Poor Bean obviously had a miserable day. I hope today was much better for him.

Lovely that your blog is going to be published, that's great news.

Suzie! said...

My daugher turns into something from the exorcist when she is ill, too. The day before her cold shows up she is close to growing horns!

Hope the bean gets better soon and doesn't share the germs with you.

Oh! Btw, there are now pictures up on my divalicious blog!!!

Mummy said...

Dee - I'm hoping that it's all linked in. If it's not then the school years are going to be an uphill struggle!

Debs - thank you! I'll have to be careful what I write now!

Suzie - thank you :) I'll pop over and have a look at your blog now!