Friday, 9 January 2009

Of Night Time Rejections and Costly Flights

The strangest thing happened last night - I received a rejection. Nothing much strange about that. Except that it was by email and at 10:10pm! Bizarre! It was from the fiction editor at 'Weekly News'. The email was lovely though and so I'll certainly keep them in mind and send some more stuff their way and of course I'll start rejigging the story to submit elsewhere too.

It's looking less and less likely that we will get to Spain to visit my Dad in Feb. Don't you just hate planning short breaks on a budget? I had spotted some great priced flights a few weeks ago but couldn't book anything until I was paid some money I was owed. Now the flights have gone up considerably and once you add in all the bits and pieces it ends up costing an absolute fortune. As I say, it's not looking hopeful at the moment which is a shame but it's just the way the cookie crumbles I suppose.

Today I'm having a quiet day at home, again. I've stayed home all week so far just trying to get back into the routine and sorting the house out a bit. Next week I must make an effort to head into town and experience a bit of reality! lol The walk will do me good too - who knows the scales may go in the right direction! lol I'm about to write this week's blog for weightwatchers without a loss to report - again. They'll be surprised when I actually lose something don't you think?


Tam said...

Jill works from home and often send emails out late at night

Mummy said...

Tam - thanks for stopping by and explaining for me :) It's my first one from her. Makes more sense now so thank you very much!

Debs said...

Commiserations re the rejection. Always horrible receiving them.

I don't seem to be losing the 2lbs gained over the holidays.