Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My Little Newton

Yes, it's another bedtime story of the Bean. He really is a one....and a funny one at that!

Last night it was the usual story. He'd been told 'Lights Out' and so should have been quietly in bed, drifting into snoozledom. Well, all was quiet...until


OK, so it probably wasn't that loud, but it sounded it from downstairs. We went up to his room to find him standing up, on the floor with a piece of yellow, rubber meccano in his hand.

'What are you doing? You should be asleep!' - we were not best pleased.

'I...er...I was.....er...'

'WHAT were you doing.'

'An experiment'


'I was doing an experiment. See if I throw this meccano over my shoulder I can't see it and it's behind me. And, my eyes don't move as quickly as the meccano, it gets faster and my eyes can't move that fast. See?'

We saw. He was recreating Newton's experiments on gravity. At 10pm. With a piece of meccano. And he's 5. Sheesh, he's got some brain - I just wish he'd let it switch off occasionally!

Anyway, we stopped shouting, applauded him for his thought processes but said there was a time and a place and this wasn't it. He climbed back in to bed.

'Night Night, now get some sleep'

'Night Night. Love you. If I threw it on Mars or on the Moon it would be different, wouldn't it? It would move slower there.'

'Yes dear. Why don't you think about that as you drift off to sleep. But no more experiments tonight.'

'OK. Night night.'

I wonder what tonight will bring.....Einstein maybe?


Carol Anne Strange said...

Wow! It sounds like you have a young genius in the making. :-)

Debs said...

Bless him, I wish my mind was that inquisitive.

Ladybird World Mother said...

That is so sweet! Sometimes those minds of theirs start whirring at the oddest of times. I must say, he sounds amazing, your boy!

Mummy said...

Carol - thank you. I do wonder sometimes, but then I am biased!

Debs - me too! I love the way his little mind works

Ladybird World Mother - I agree, it's always at the most bizarre of times that he comes up with something like this! And Thank You!

ChrisH said...

Congratulations on the Chat mag piece. Good news like that really helps to pick you up (well, it helps to pick me up, yes, I could do with some!). Your little boy sounds a bright bunny; it's not just the 'experiment' but that he was comparing the effects on Mars and the moon. He's going to keep you thining!

ChrisH said...

Thinking, even. Sigh!

Dee from Downunder said...

Wow, he is quite the thinker!

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Be warned I have one like that at home he can often be discovered wella fter lights out building flying machines anf pulley sytems from Knex!

Mummy said...

Dee - thank you. He certainly is!

Un Peu Loufoque - thanks for dropping by! I'll await the Knex phase then!