Sunday, 25 January 2009

On work and decisions.

Another Sunday and so another 12 hours in work.......Today is actually going fairly quickly and I am currently reporting on the travel situations for BBC Lancashire, BBC Manchester and BBC Cumbria. Nothing is happening to report on, mind you and so it's more a list of roadworks. Still, it may be dull for me but at least it's been a safe day out on the roads of the North West.

The Bean had his second riding lesson yesterday and had a fantastic time. I really hope he continues to enjoy it. I must admit to being very envious as he climbs up into the saddle - I would love to be up there alongside him. Still, maybe one day!

I finally got my Wii Fit yesterday - WHOO! I've not had much of a go on it yet, thanks to a certain little person taking over(!) but I'm itching to have the time to play on it tomorrow. It was more than slightly depressing having to sort out the body test at the Mii looked fit to burst as it expanded to fit my rather unhealthy BMI! Still, I suppose it will be nice to watch as it shrinks again!

This coming week will be full of job seeking and mind trawling as I am obsessed at the moment with what my future may hold in terms of work and career also the decisions I can make to affect it in different ways.........heady stuff! Maybe I'll share more later in the week. I'm also planning to get more writing done and sent out too. It promises to be a busy week. I hope it's also a fruitful and productive one.


Carol Anne Strange said...

Good to hear that the Bean is still enjoying equestrian life. :-) Perhaps you can go pony trekking together in the summer? I went with my daughter last year and it was brilliant.

I hope this week proves productive for you. Focus on creating abundance and make it happen! :) You CAN do it! Wishing you much success. x

ChrisH said...

Hello Mummy, I've enjoyed catching up with your blog. It's a difficult time for writers, isn't it? Well, even more difficult - although, as you say, we're doing what we love. Well done on the weight loss.