Thursday, 18 September 2008

Busy busy busy

Been a busy bee today, running round getting things done. I'd even baked mini muffins by 10:30 am! Impressed aren't you? I can tell! I'll be a domestic goddess one of these days just you see.

I've been writing for most of the day, not least because tonight was the first meeting of my local writing group since May. We have a 6 week break over the Summer. I had written anything suitable to read and so this afternoon I thought I'd better do something about it. I was aiming at a short story but it ended up longer than I originally planned. Still, it went down well I think. I alwasy get a bit paranoid that people just say they enjoyed it when they actually hated every sentence but that's just me - paid up member of the zero confidence club!

More writing to do tomorrow too, of the paid variety this time which is lovely but not so creative. I'm hoping to change that soon :) I'm expecting a phone call in the morning about another possible project too so that's exciting!

Not much else to report, other than the fact it's been a beautiful sunny day here today. That was Summer then. Rain tomorrow, no doubt!

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Emily said...

Everything sounds very positive! Yay! Except that zero confidence club, cancel that membership right away!