Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Writing, more OUCH and eating!

I am so excited at this National Novel Writing Month! I can't wait to get started, although where I think I'm going to magically find the time for all that writing I really can't imagine! I have a few ideas about characters but not much on the plot so far! October will be a busy planning month!

My throat is still a nightmare. Test results back tomorrow and I can FINALLY get the other half of my prescription later this afternoon! I had two of the super duper strength pain killers about an hour ago and they've taken the edge off it but still OUCH!!!

I offiically HATE wikipedia! I've spent hours this morning writing a piece for entry. I made it as factual and uncommercial as was possible and within 5 minutes of me hitting save the thing had been deleted! AARRGGHHHH!!! How soul destroying. I'm not impressed and may need chocolate!

The diet is not going well this week...what with all these visits to the dr it's just not been top of my list of priorities. Hopefully I can pull it back before weigh in day on Friday!

Oh and in case you were wondering....the courgette was delicious!!!!

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Dee said...

glad your courgette turned out ok. (we call 'em zucchini) Very yummy.