Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Office

I'll only have this view for another three Sundays......about another 36 hours or so..... This is because I work on Sundays, as I've mentioned before and my company is moving offices. I have worked in this same office for 9 years now. I've sat at the same desk, in the same corner...with this same view and it will be strange to not be here.

We are on the 9th floor of a tower block in the city centre of Manchester and it's like looking out over the world....I look down on a multi storey car park! In the distance I can see the rolling hills framed by the many shapes and colours of the city's roof scape. It's a magical view in many ways and I will miss it.

I have some fabulous memories of this office too.....all the early mornings, starting work at 5:15am. Working alongside my SLA here for many years, that was special. I worked throughout my pregnancy here too, running to the toilet in between bulletins through the dreaded morning sickness phase. I made so many phone calls to my mum from these phones, some in good times, some not and there were many calls to the hospital in the later months too.

I've laughed here. I've cried here. I'll leave a bit of myself in this room when I leave.

One of the first things I did when I found out where we moving too was to get the online map out....I needed to know if there was a Subway nearby. Thankfully, there is. Two in fact!! Whoo! lol I don't know what I'd have done if not, refused to move maybe? Would that have been a little OTT do you think?

I will miss my little jaunt over to my subway for lunch though. It's my small slice of city life :) I used to spend so much time in this city and now the 5 minute walk to and from lunch is enough for me. I like to see the trams winding their way around the city streets, the tall buildings and the hustle and bustle....I always walk back past the front door of the office where my mum worked. I follow her footsteps and I can still hear her stillettoed heels clicking on the floor, smell the familiar smell she had when she came home from work and I can still see her standing inside that door and waiting at the lift. It's almost impossible to think that she is no longer here. Just impossible.

And so, in 3 weeks, we move on to pastures new.......a new chapter, a new office and a new view, a new Subway(!).... I wonder what stories they will bring......

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Miranda Dickinson said...

Change is always a scary thing, but if there's a Subway it's a start!! All the best with the office move - I'm sure there will be loads of new delights to discover. :o)

Thanks for your comments on my blog - glad you liked the music!

Miranda x