Thursday, 25 September 2008

Tablets and Parties.

Whoo! I'm almost up and running with my new writing project, or one of them at least! I've been asked to do a weekly blog on the UK Weightwatchers site! YAY! Of course the down side to this is that I also have to transform into a shrinking and increasingly healthy being....hmmm. I HAVE to stick to it this time. Wish me luck. I submit my first piece on Monday!

I ended up at the docs yesterday morning after deciding two weeks is plenty long enough to be suffering with a sore throat. OUCH! I'm now on the delights of antibiotics and feeling like a fish out of water.....with a sore throat. I hope it goes soon! Did I mention that yesterday? Oh well, see what I mean? Feel rough!

The bean has a birthday party to go to this afternoon so I'll have to remember to get a card....honestly I am so unorganised. I do have a present, just not sure there's enough wrapping paper to wrap it...and we've no cellotape... Hmmm, I think I'd best head down to the shops!

Oh and it's time for my antibiotic now too.....which means I can't eat for another hour after taking it. Oh joy, and these things are supposed to be an advance in healthcare? Honestly? lol


Tiffiney said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather! I do agree with you no food for an hour after thanks give me another kind of you feel better soon!! :)

Dee said...

Gee, can they make taking medicine more annoying?, I would always forget about it with those instructions. Hope they work, my mum has a bad cough laying her low at present for a couple of weeks, shes trying the pills too .

Emily said...

Yay about the blog! I hope you feel better soon!

Hillary said...

Aw Jayne, sorry you're fighting a sore throat so long. There are few illnesses I whine more about than a sore throat, lol.

I've lost my throat so my larynx (just trying to sound intelligent about my "voice box," lol) gets a bit sore, but nothing like an actual sore throat.

Hope the antibiotics kick in and set you right quickly!

DesertHen said...

Landed here via the Black Box......isn't that just the coolest thing ever.....=) Okay, silly me, but since finding the Black Box, I've become addicted.

I hope you feel better soon and congrats on the new writing job....=)

Now I will go browse your blog......

Sunshine said...

Oh man! I hate that you're still feeling bad! I just started being sick. I thought I kicked it, but it's back.

I hope the new meds do the trick!

And I know who you are...ha ha...before I read it on Hill's comment. I swear. I remember you talking about how you had the bad sore throat for like 3 wks now, on Facebook. I put the two and two together.

Tricky. Seriously, feel better. :)