Monday, 22 September 2008

The Time Hole

Where does the time go? You'd think that I'd have a beautifully clean house, make all my own cards and gifts, bake cakes and pies and make every meal from scratch from fresh ingredients. After all, I'm at home all day. If only!

Take today for example. Drop the Bean off at school and then head down to the supermarket. Do the weekly shop and be home for about 10:30am. Put all said shopping away and clean the kitchen (I'm sure some kind of bomb goes off in there every weekend). Put washing in and put kettle on. Sit down at computer. Check emails, plan articles and generally do writing related stuff but no actual writing. Washing is ready to hang out so do that. Feed all the animals. Back to laptop to realise that the sky has gone black and so bring all washing back in and shove it in the dryer. Go upstairs to try to get rid of the smell in the Bean's room using Bicarb of Soda (see yesterday's blog for more!). Come back downstairs and now I'm writing this......and it's 13:10 already. I still haven't done half the jobs I had planned for the hoovering, no ironing, I've not even had lunch yet......see what I mean??? I'm sure there's some kind of time hole in this house. I would love to be more efficient and productive........any ideas? lol

Anyway, I'll go and shove some soup in the microwave and then try to get some ironing done whilst watching my two Australian soaps......and I hope the smell has gone by the time they've finished too.

Still awaiting some exciting news later on today too...........more to come on that one although how I'll find the time I just don't know!


Tiffiney said...

I know what you mean about the time hole..I have one to in this house! But I do have to say no...through in the dryer to get the wrinkles out...better all is well with you! Looking forward to hearing about your exciting news :)

Hillary said...

I'm tired just listening to you. lol Sounds like a full day and then some.

Kate said...

Hey there, Mummy, yes, that sounds VERY VERY tiring.

And you still find time to blog?!

Just popping in to say that the message you found on my blog - thank you - is actually for events last year. Sorry!