Monday, 15 September 2008

Monday Monday (bah bah bah bi bah bah)

Ah shucks, another day of driving away from the school in tears.....I'm going for the record at this rate! The difference being that I am aiming not to worry about the Bean all day. He said on Friday that he'd cheered up within 5 minutes of going in! I was a mess all day! No more. He'll be fine.

I've rediscovered the delights of ginger biscuits! Aren't they heavenly? I've always liked them, my mum and my Grandma were both big fans but there is NOTHING so yummy as a ginger biccie dunked in a cup of tea........Nothing I tell you!

I was planning to get a fair bit of writing work done today but so far it's not going well! By the time I'd got the shopping put away, the kitchen clean, the animals fed and the washing in....well the time is ticking away. I must get something done though. I'm going to start work on a couple of projects this week. Both books. One is a children's book the other, a larger project, a novel. I've had ideas for both going around my head for weeks now, if not months but I've not written anything down. It's getting that they are keeping me awake at night now so I'll have to write something or I'll never get any sleep!

I'll let you know how I get on :)

Oh and by the way, have you spotted the 'following' icon on blogger? I'm 'following' a good few blogs now and it's a great way of keeping up with everyone's latest posts! I highly recommend it! (and add me - I've only got one friend at the moment!)


Dee said...

Thanks for "following me" I'll add you if I can figure it out!

Sunshine said...

I totally added you a long time ago...:)! I am so your friend!

I love that you're writing a children's book AND novel. I don't know if I have the discipline to write a whole novel. I'm all over the poetry and short fiction though. Well, I was. Now I just blog. But you inspire me!

I'm so glad your son loves school. That makes things so much easier for the Momma. And your list of things to do before you write is exactly my list of things to do. Ha ha...we are such moms.

Tiffiney said...

I am so glad your child seems to be doing somewhat just takes time...I had to walk my oldest into school forever and watch her try to walk right back out the door with me..she did not want to stay at all..but she finally grew out of it and even started walking into school by herself...she is almost 13 now and makes friends easily...funny how things change..I am a follower :)

Emily said...

I was following you...and then you lost me. Hahaha. (Seriously, I think I just hit something wrong when I was setting this up and I deleted my whole "follow" list)

I'm glad he is enjoying school, that is great. Kids adapt so fast.

And a children's book AND a novel? Go you!