Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Love to clean?

Do you like it or hate it? I hate it most of the time. I'm talking about cleaning. Some people love to clean, I often wish I was one of them! Don't get me wrong, I adore the feeling of having a clean, tidy house but actually getting it that way is not my idea of a fun day....(or week depending on how long I've left it!)

I'm not too bad at the hoovering, but the dusting, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms.....uurrgghh. And that darned shower cubicle in the en-suite - how does anyone get those clean?

This last couple of weeks though I've been getting through my chores more easily. It's since I heard a 'pause for thought' on the radio one Sunday. I like these little sections. There's one on BBC Radio 2 every morning at 9:15am and there's one on Sunday mornings on my way to work. You've probably heard them. Usually it's someone from a religious background, from a variety of religions that speaks about something, anything that affects the life of many people - like a mini sermon if you will. I always enjoy them, no matter who the speaker is. I find anyone who has devoted their life to any religion like this to be very interesting to listen to.

This particular speaker was, I think, a minister from Scotland. He spoke too of the chores in life, of all the little things that we have to do, should do that we simply do not enjoy doing. He turned it around and suggested that, instead of concentrating on 'I don't like doing this' we should maybe try to do the task fuelled by the love of those who will benefit from it. It's a simple shift in understanding but one that has really made a difference. No, I don't like cleaning the bathroom but I love those who will use it and so that, in itself, is a good enough reason to make a good job of it. I don't enjoy ironing, but I love those whose clothes I iron and I love to provide for them in every way I can. If my chores serve to make those around me happy, comfortable and happy then I am, in fact, happy to do them. Even that shower cubicle!


Dee said...

I hate cleaning. But the girls love it, so maybe it will thier pocket money job later.

Tiffiney said...

Hum...trying to convince myself to like not going to work..lolol...i dislike it very much and wish I had enough money to hire someone else to do all the cleaning for the me and the ones I love... :) But since I cannot I will pry my fingers from my keyboard and clean... :( Okay, not right now..maybe in a few..haha..