Sunday, 21 September 2008

Writing, Scarecrows and Sick....nice!

Finally, time to sit down and catch up. It's been a manic few days one way and another.

I don't think I mentioned my 'smug' moment from my writing group on Thursday night. Aled, who runs the group, had brought along an article from writing magazine about time management for freelance writers. As we started reading I noticed many people not really interested and giggling and I soon worked out why. They love to write, but they don't really aim to be published or to share their work. There was only Aled, another gentleman and me who actually get paid for our writing. It took a while to sink in but it's true! Me - a paid writer. Really! I'm still feeling a little smug even now. One day I hope to even get paid for the writing I really enjoy as well as the website writing that I do now. One day!

On Friday I spoke to someone at a rather big weight loss organisation and I will find out on Monday if they like me! If they do then I will start writing for their website regularly :) They have some writing samples at the moment that they are reviewing. Fingers crossed. Of course, the downside of this is that I will actually have to eat healthily...hmmmm. It will be a challenge but would certainly do me the world of good...did I mention that I ate that vanilla slice???

Friday night (well 3am Saturday morning actually) came the shout that makes any parent's stomach contract. 'Mummy, Daddy! I've been sick!' and he had, poor mite. Everywhere. bed, carpet, toys, drawer get the picture. I managed to get him back into bed (after changing it) and we got a bit more sleep but a good section of yesterday was spent cleaning, scrubbing and washing... And if anyone has a magic way of getting rid of the SMELL please let me know!

After spending all morning scrubbing we finally went out and had a lovely time. The sun was out, for a change, and so we went for a walk up the mountain. Well, no actually, that sounds much too energetic. We drove up the mountain and had a walk on the top of it. It was lovely. Beautiful views and so many creatures.....a little lizard, lots of dragonflies and some wild cows! Cows are, without doubt, the most beautiful animals. I just adore them and there were about 5 or 6 in this field, 2 of them were paddling in the lake to keep cool. The others seemed very tame. I will share the photos once I've uploaded them.

We then headed over towards the coast, stopping to take in a scarecrow festival on the way. That was great fun - more photos to come from that. We had a game of crazy golf, had a lovely takeaway by the sea and then had a walk along the prom. Just a lovely day all round. Except for the cleaning,that is!


Dee said...

Oh. That.Smell.
Sorry to hear the poor little guy was sick, I really feel for the kids when this happens. I can't think what gets rid of the smell right now, I know there is something though.
The scarecrow festival sounds interesting!

Dee said...

Oh, its baking soda! Sprinkle over the carpet or dissolve in water for washable stuff. Or get an enzyme cleaner similar to what you use for pet stains etc.

Mummy said...

Thanks Dee! I'm ringing hubby to get some from the shop now! :)