Sunday, 28 September 2008

Walking, a bit of sunshine and a courgette.

Another Sunday in work, and amazingly the sun is shining outside.....doesn't happen very often in North West England! Also another day with a sore throat. I've been taking these antibiotics since Weds and not much seems to be improving so I may be back to the doc later on this week. I honestly hate taking tablets though.......I'll be glad when I'm back to normal.

So far this coming week is a fairly quiet one, at least I hope so. Last week ended up very busy one way and another. SLA is on a school trip for a few days so it will be strange not having him around for those but I'm sure the time will soon pass with the Bean to keep me busy.

One exciting thing from this weekend is the harvesting of my first veggies! I've pulled up my first carrot and now my first courgette too! Yummy! I took photos of them both (don't laugh!) and I'm looking forward to eating the courgette in the next day or so.

Yesterday we had a really lovely day with a walk on the mountain, a walk around a local heritage park, a game of crazy golf and a walk along the sea front, all topped off with an Indian takeaway by the sea. Just perfect :) I really need to figure out how to be more active. Bottom line is that it's just not safe for me to go walking on my own in the country parks, sad but true, but I really detest most other forms of exercise and can't realistically see me sticking to any of them........hmmmm

OK, I'm off to ponder that over a brew......ciao


Hillary said...

Yesterday DOES sound lovely.

I'm off to google "courgette." That's a new one for me.

Hillary said...

Translation for Americans: courgette=zucchini.


Mummy said...

ah yes, of course, I should have translated! My apologies! :)

Hillary said...

It's okay. It never hurts me to do a little research...and the burden shouldn't always lie with others. We doofus Americans could quit thinking everyone ELSE is so different and try learning a bit. Wouldn't THAT be novel?