Friday, 17 October 2008

Four Things and more on the Teeth....

Poor SLA, the dentist poked, prodded and pulled yesterday and his mouth is just so sore............thank goodness it's Friday and he only has one day to survive in school. I've decided to have a change of plan for tomorrow, Saturday, though. So apologies to those who I was going to meet at Tiger Tiger in Manchester at the Romance Panel but I'm going to have to cry off :( Pain is one thing......add in trying to entertain a 5 year old in the city centre for 2 hours is something else entirely! I'm sure there will be other opportunities.

In Hill's latest post she has asked me to complete the 4 things survey. I love these things as you really find out more about the people behind the blog! So, with now further ado, here we go....

Four Places I Go Over and Over:

1. The supermarket! I love browsing and shopping, even for food.

2. Subway - I adore Subway.....I'm veggie so I have the veggie delite, honey oat bread and either sweet onion or south west sauce....sometimes I just have the salad bowl. Yum!

3. To the kettle -I'm always brewing up.

4. Facebook. I'm addicted. Sorry!

Four People Who E-Mail Me Regularly:

1. My step mum, usually through facebook though.

2. My work contacts (thank goodness, or I'd have no work!)

3. WeightWatchers - I signed up for their newsletter to keep me on track.

4. Sheesh...I really don't have many friends do I??!!! lol

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

1. On holiday, anywhere, I'm not fussy but somewhere warm would be good.

2. Shopping.....with someone else's money!

3. In a big detached house with a cosy study filled with books.

4. In a thinner body!

Four TV Shows I Watch:

1. America's Next Top Model

2. X Factor

3. Dirty Dancing...The Time of Your Life

4. American Idol

Four Things I Have for Breakfast:

1. Cereal (usually cornflakes)

2. Milk...on the cereal!

3. Tea or sometimes coffee

4. Toast if I'm pushing the boat out!

Four Animals I Like Best:

1. Cows - love them!

2. Dolphins - have swum with them 4 times and counting.

3. Cats - love their paws.

4. Dogs - small ones, especially westies.

Four Beaches I've Been to:

1. Blackpool

2. Porthmadog

3. Massouri, Kalymnos, Greece,

4. Santa Eulalia, Algarve, Portugal

I could go on with the beaches for a week or so I think!

I don't know if I'm supposed to pass this one on, I know some people don't like if you want to do it then I'll love reading your answers....if not, then I hope you enjoyed reading mine anyway!

Right, I'm off to put the kettle on...see Question 1!


Dee said...

Great that you swum with dophins! I got to pat one once,that was thrill enough!

Debs said...

Love your answers, I do enjoy these.

Poor SLA, it's horrible being in pain. At least he's gone to school, S is at home sniffing (head cold) and generally feeling rather sorry for herself as her mouth is so sore.

Tiffiney said...

I love a beach to....and love vacations....and yes facebook

Hillary said...

::gasp:: You swum with dolphins!! Ok, I'm jealous because I forgot to put dolphins in my four. I've pet the dolphins at SeaWorld, but no swimming with them. But then, they like deep deep water and I freak out about deep deep water, so ummmm...yeah. Not jealous anymore, but glad you got to do it! YAY! lol

How was the tea? I think I'll have a cup of hot cocoa tonight. I finally unpacked my tea kettle...which I rarely use to make tea, but is excellent to make a cup of Butterfinger Hot Cocoa.'s like Greg's voice for the tastebuds. :D