Sunday, 12 October 2008

From the goldfish bowl.

Sunday again....already! The office move is complete and I am typing this from a new desk in our new office, in front of a new computer screen and new microphone (whilst dialled into Radio Cumbria but don't tell anyone.....sssshhhh). The new place is nice...I think. It's all a bit strange after 9 years in the old place but I'll soon get used to it. Our office is within another office....if that makes sense and we're surrounded by a glass wall! Honestly, if the bigger office had wanted a goldfish bowl I'm sure there were cheaper options! Having said that, there is no one working in there on Sundays so I don't feel watched! Oh and there's a Subway 5 mins walk up the road so all is good!

I had a chuckle at the Bean on Friday when I picked him up from school. As we got into the car a lady walked past.

'Oooh look, there's Sandra,' he said, 'She works in school. She does lunches.'
'Oh right,' I replied, 'SO she helps to cook the school meals then?'
'Oh no, Mummy,' came the reply, 'She doesn't cook lunches she just does rubbish and opening packets.'

I have no idea whether 'Rubbish and Opening Packets' is this lady's official job title, I'm sure it's not quite what her parents would have hoped for!

Yesterday we had a lovely walk up at LLyn Brenig. The weather wasn't great but we followed the nature trail and spotted lots of hoof and paw prints in the mud along with a couple of tiny little frogs, climbing over blades of grass like they were the himalayas. It's always good to get some fresh air and although we walked for an hour it honestly felt more like 10 minutes. We stopped off at an Indian restaurant for a takeaway on the way back too. It was GORGEOUS! I only ate half though to save WeightWatchers points and I'm having the other half tonight when I get home.

I've had some ideas for some more short stories so I'm going to try to get them started this week, or at least one of them! I've shared one of my stories with friends and on a writing forum that I belong to and have only had good reviews which is fantastic, but being a member of the zero confidence club I'm convinced that people are just saying it to be nice. I suppose I should take the plunge and submit it!


Hillary said...

Hey girl,

I will have to read your story/stories sometime when I'm allowing myself a little more time online.

I'm home from church with a little girl who has a seal bark of a cough. I'm guessing I'll have to take her to the doctor tomorrow.

But anyway, glad to have a minute to read your blog at least! Your little goldfish makes me think of Murray. Wiggle-brained to the end. I'm going to be a hoot in the old folks' home someday.

Mummy said...

Hill - you're already a hoot! I know what you mean with the goldfish bowl :)

I hope the cough goes soon - they are SO tiring coughs! No fun at all :(

You are very welcome to read my stories, anytime. Just let me know when you want one! lol

Debs said...

Glad that the office move went well, despite you ending up in a goldfish bowl.

Children are so funny the way they describe things, I wish I could remember all the different things that my two came out with over the years.

Good for you only eating half the takeaway, I would have finished the lot no doubt.

Mummy said...

Debs - thanks for popping by again :) The diet just isn't today, at all. I'm just eating and eating. Doesn't help that I've been up since 4am. I spend 12 hours just picking at snacks. Not good! lol I'll start again tomorrow!

Pat Posner said...

I'm aka 'Mrs Bossy' so, on Saturday, I'll nag you about subbing your stories!

Mummy said...

Pat - Sounds like just what I need! Thank you :) I just wish I had a little more confidence in them but it's hard to be objective!

Dee said...

Glad the move went ok. Maybe you could put up some fish stickers on the glass partition for a laugh

Mummy said...

Dee - don't tempt me! What a wonderful idea!