Monday, 13 October 2008

Writing this, writing that, writing t'other!

I've not stopped this morning....just don't ask me what I've done. I have no idea. The house still looks like a bombsite........

I'm getting that overwhelming feeling again with my writing! Help! I'm drowning in the stuff that's piling up! I have no end to the articles I need to write for VisitBritain, all with photos -which are all too large and need downsizing before I can use them.

I have 1 short story that I think is ready to go, but I'm not sure where to. I have another that needs rewriting and ideas for two more that keep going round and round my head until I have time to do something with them! Also going round my head is my novel for the Nanowrimo - not long til November now!

I have just written my WeightWatchers blog - week 3 - even though Week 1 isn't up on the site yet, apparently it won't be long now. I also remembered to email my tutor on the Writers Bureau course to apologise, again, that he still hasn't received assignment 6! It's been well over a year now! Truth is I'm too busy writing other stuff. Apparently, this is good though as I have now qualified for my certificate of competance (ooh - Get Me!). I have also just had a lovely email from the lady who edits the monthly E-zine for them asking if I'd like to feature as one of their success stories! Me? A Success? Who'd have thought it eh? (I can feel me mum smiling down saying 'Me, of course!' and yes, she always did :))

So, much to do, not enough time to do it...and yet I'm sitting here blogging! Typical! Oh and the photo is me and the Bean, taken on Saturday at Llyn Brenig......his face is hilarious although I don't know how clearly it will show up on here - I recommend clicking on it to get the full size! lol


Debs said...

Strangely enough I've just sent off my Assignment 6. I have to admit that I took exactly one year to the day between Assignment 2 & 3 though.

Mummy said...

Debs - really??!! How bizarre! lol I've not really done much with it yet.....I really must though. It's almost 3 years now since I started the course....I never intended it to take this long!

Hillary said...

Jayne, your overwhelming writing projects sound rather exciting to me. I need to figure out what I can do to start writing more than just as a hobby. It would be lovely if I could actually sell something. But I guess that might require coming up with some ideas, too. lol

Write away!

Sunshine said...

What is this Writer's Bureau thing? It reminds me of this Children's Institute of Writing dealie-O I did a while back.

And when you describe your life, it just sounds like YOU'RE A WRITER. Ha ha...Sounds about right.

And that picture is wonderful. I loooove the red hair. He reminds me of Prince Harry (who is *so cute* and NOT just because he's a Prince).

And can I come stay with you and we could sit out there (by the lake) and do like a little writer's workshop dealie? Where are you in the pic and HOW do I get there?

Tiffiney said...

Hope you get it all under control..I know how you feel about things all needing to be done at once...Love the picture..your son is so adorable! And yes you are a success! :)

Mummy said...

Hill - I'm sure you could start selling your writing with no problems at all! Maybe start with teaching publications? You'd write a great column!

Sunshine - The Writers' Bureau is the name of a company that runs a writing course. I started it a looong time ago now but I've been too busy writing to get very far! That lake is called Llyn Brenig and it's not far from Bala. Maybe it would be on google Earth? It would be a lovely place to write, if it wasn't raining and we weren't being eaten alive by the little flies!

Tiffiney - Thank you :) he has been likened to Prince Harry many times now! hehehehe I'm feeling a bit more in control today!