Sunday, 26 October 2008

Spiders and books

Why, oh why am I blogging at 7:25AM?? Because I'm in work and have been for an hour and half already I suppose. Yep, it's Sunday. Another 12 hour shift. One coffee down........eleven to go!

OK, it got busy.....its now 8:46. Two coffees down.....ten to go.

Yesterday was rather surreal as I took a spider to a party. I know, I know. I hate the things but I had to. It was wearing trainers too.. Bleurgh! Of all the fancy dress costumes available, why oh why did he pick the spider one?

Anyway, we went, he ran, we came home. Does anyone actaully enjoy children's parties? I came out feeling slightly sick with a banging headache. It didn't do much to quosh my worries for the Bean either. He just seems very different to the other boys and I worry that he will struggle to fit in and all that may bring. We take one day at a time. Not much else we can do.....

Plans are afoot for the coming week. We're heading down to South Wales for a few days which I'm really looking forward to. I just know I'm going to eat too much, which isn't good for the old diet but it's only my birthday once a year right? I'm going to try not to go too mad with it........honestly!

I sent my CV off on Thursday to a publisher which was a first! It's in connection with a book that a friend of mine is hoping to write. All vague I know but I promise I'll spill all if I'm successful :) I've still not sent any of my short stories out. I must try to get onto that after half term. I know I've been saying that for so long now but I'm still unsure where to send them. I been browsing around the various guidelines and looking through the mags themselves but I'm still not sure where to aim my first story. I do know which one I want to send; I'm not convinced any of them are good enough but I think this one is my best bet..... my zero confidence club membership is shining brightly through this morning isn't it?!!!

Ah well, another broadcast toddle off :)


Debs said...

I'm so relieved I dont have to go to children's parties any more.

You definately mustn't worry about your diet on your birthday, enjoy it.

Best of luck with sending out your CV and your short stories too.

Mummy said...

Thanks Debs.....I can see I'll have doubled in weight by the time friday comes!!!

Sunshine said...

Did you just say something about a BIRTHDAY?

So I'm totally going to have to go facebook, birthday application shopping for you! ;D

Happy (almost?) birthday!

You sure are a busy girl. Kind of a like reminding me daily of what I SHOULD be doing! But I can't wait to hear more, more, more...and you'll have to let us know what mags your stories get into.

I want to tell you not to worry about the bean, but I totally know how it goes...we worry. It's our job. :)