Wednesday, 22 October 2008

What to do......?

I am officially tearing my hair out. Why did noone every tell me this parenting jobby was so darn confusing, complicated and impossible??!!

Don't get me wrong, I love the bean to bits, that's why every decision just has me in pieces.

This time yesterday I was convinced we'd done the right thing bringing him out of school and back into the home full time and we have had a lovely day today with home ed friends. I've laid all the ground work for home schooling and not really thought about much else.

Until I got home.

There were two messages from the school on the answerphone. The first from his class teacher, the second from the deputy head. The second was in Welsh so I didn't understand it fully but SLA says that it's a very nice message and that they really want to sort this out and have him back.

Have him back.

HAVE HIM BACK? I'd forgotten that was an option.....and what if it is the right one?

This can't go on...this in school, out of school thing. He needs to be one or the other and it's easy to say go with what feels right but what if I truly don't know what is right? Because I don't. If I wrote a list of pros and cons there would be both on both lists.

It is such a major decision, one that will affect his life in such a huge way. SLA and I are going to talk it all over again tonight but it's ground we've been over so many times now. And neither of us are feeling 100% at the moment anyway. I've left a message on the school answerphone saying that one of us will certainly talk to them tomorrow so at least that's one decision made.

Any advice would be appreciated, as ever. I'm in a quandary.


Anonymous said...

I wish you the strength to make the decision that is right for you.

The only thing I would say is that if you do homeschool him, make sure he still have social time with kids his own age.

I have two friends who homeschool and their kids show the same trait - they are nervous around other people and won't go anywere without their parents. One is about to turn 16 and he has no idea how to relate to girls his own age, he views them as alien.

I admire the parents that can dedicate that much time to their children, but with having to work to keep them in food, clothes and toys, It's not even an option for me. And to be honest, I really don't have the patience for it, either

None of that was actually any help was it!

S xx

Debs said...

I'm sure you'll make the right decision, and much as I'd like to help with some useful advice, I can't think of any.

I wouldn't know wear to start with home schooling.

Dee from Downunder said...

i can't give much advice , my girls are not at school yet. I guess maybe if there was someone to talk to about it all, like someone within the homeschool system that may help you make a decision.

My SIL homeschools, but not for the right reasons in my opinion. Her kids barely get out now.

Good luck with it.

Mummy said...

thanks for the messages. I've spoken to the school this morning and he's back there tomorrow. I'm sure it's the right choice. x x

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, and it is only that as other parents successfully homeschool, I think you made the right decision.


Tiffiney said...

It is a hard choice...I am sure you made the right one for your child...homeschooling can be hard..but in my daughter's case it is so worth it....glad you made a hard choice and feel good about it :)