Thursday, 16 October 2008

Teeth and Hermit Like Tendencies.

It's the day that my SLA finally gets something sorted with his poorly teeth......I hope! He's been struggling for six agonising weeks now with one abcess after one dies down another starts up. He's coped tremdously well. He's had four (I think!) visits to the dentist, each time hoping that they would actually DO something, only to be sent away with yet more antibiotics.... Today I really hope they will sort something. They have said they would. I'm guessing he'll be in a fair amount of pain again afterwards, poor thing....and more soup for dinner!

Recently I have been turning into a bit of a hermit....well, not literally a bit of one but you know what I mean. When the bean was in playschool, I used to walk around town with some of the other mums while we waited. Now he's in school, I come straight home and I'm reluctant to head out. It's partly due to the money - if you go out, then you spend and I think everyone is finding it tight at the moment. I'm also getting increasingly obsessed with my Aussie soaps in the afternoon; Neighbours and Home and Away.

None of this really matters of course but this week I did wonder if it was getting a little out of hand. A friend had invited me to meet for lunch. Lovely. I'd look forward to it....but as the day drew closer I started to feel differently. The night before, I'd all but decided I would cry off, say I wasn't well. Then I could stay home. And I wouldn't miss my programmes....I'd be able to stick to my diet more was just a safer option all round.

The morning came and a text arrived - was I OK for lunch still. Crunch time. Was I or not? Something made me reply 'Yes' but then I gave a reason that I had to head back at a certain time.......

I went and you know what I really enjoyed it. There's a whole world out there! We had lunch, we had a look around the shops and then, after about an hour and a half I headed home...and was in time to watch my programmes anyway. I was so glad that I had gone, it's given me a new lease of life and I'm going to make sure I head into town a little more often now. .....although I'll always be back for 1:45pm!!


Hillary said...

Aw, I'm glad you stuck with it and went. I get rather hermit-ish. Sometimes over money and sometimes over...just...being a hermit, ha.

No seriously, I get that same feeling sometimes. I'll accept an invitation and the closer it gets the more I wish for an escape. I KNOW that if I go, I'll enjoy myself, but sometimes it's just hard during the anticipation phase, I guess.

I have always struggled with the thought that I'm not good at conversing...a self-esteem issue. So that's one reason I tend to hide out. But, I don't know. I get hermit-ish and just want to be alone. Then I have to start making myself get out. And I'm usually glad I did, but getting there isn't all that easy.

Dee said...

Make sure you fight that feeling to 'cry off" for no real reason, or it will become a habit and you WILL be a hermit. I have that tendancy too, and suffered becuase of it, saying yes now, give me butterflies physically but I know I have to do it! (don't mean to get too serious here)

Debs said...

Poor SLA, I do hope his teeth are sorted asap. Having an abcess is so painful, I can't imagine how he must feel having one after the other.

I remember years ago, going on holiday with my ex-husband and asking a friend to tape 8 hours of neighbours. Her husband said that surely I would never watch all of it, but she knew I would, and I loved ever second of it.

Strangely enough I don't really watch any soaps at all now.

Mummy said...

Hill - I'm glad it's not just me! Somtimes just making conversation is hard work...not always but it's been worse since losing Mum.

Dee - thanks for the words :) Don't worry I'll keep on saying yes, even it is hard going sometimes.

Debs - I can totally understand you watching all 8 hours!! I'm after Sky + now so that I can record anything I miss easily! Watching online is such a faff!

Hillary said...

Aw, I'm sorry it's harder since losing you mom. I don't find it harder since losing my dad, not that I know of. I've just always felt really inadequate about conversing. I am more of a deep thinker now than I've ever been, so I think it helps a bit now, but I used to just KNOW I'd sound stupid. So I found it all so hard. Now, I just find that I need time to think and if the other person isn't a great converser, then it will be too difficult and embarrassing. I can't usually carry the weight of conversation on my own. I feel like I must sound like an idiot if I do the majority of talking. So anyway...I should stop talking now, lol.

You're not alone.