Thursday, 9 October 2008

The sun has got his hat on....hip hip hip hooray!

WOW, the sun is out. AGAIN! It's almost like Summer, except the mornings are really cold and I am reminded that I still don't know how to keep the windscreen demisted...if only I'd listened in physics classes. I still have to do the 'drive with one hand and wipe the windscreen with kitchen roll with the other hand' manoevre. I'm sure there must be a safer way. If I sneezed we'd be done for!

I've had an update on my WW blog this morning as the editor is working on my masthead! How exciting! I've OK'd the text and found a suitable headshot so we should be up and running soon. Maybe once it's up there I'll manage to stick to the diet a bit more successfully! Tomorrow is weigh in day, so fingers crossed I've done enough to at least register some kind of loss this week.

SLA is working late again tonight....his school has the finals of a talent show they have been running. It starts at 7pm and I think he said they have 24 acts to get through!! Sounds like a late one to me! The dentist appointment yesterday STILL didn't solve the problem and he has another one next Thursday for an extraction. Ouch. Poor thing.


Debs said...

It was gorgeous today, hopefully tomorrow will be just as good (wishful thinking probably).

Looking forward to seeing your WW blog. I'm sticking to my diet, the pic of me on my blog has done wonders and each time I think of eating rubbish, I think of it.

Poor SLA having an extraction.

Mummy said...

Debs - Good for you sticking to the diet! I had a ropey start to the week but I'll be weighing in again tomorrow morning! I hope I come in with a loss! :)

Pat Posner said...

I've only just seen your yesterday's post. So sorry to hear about Bert (hugs).
How lovely for you having the rocking chair - even though memories often make the missing someone worse.

Hope to meet for real on the 18th.

Mummy said...

Pat - thank you :) I'm glad I have the chair and I'm increasingly glad that I moved it yesterday. It was tucked away until then but it is now in full view in the dining room. It's comforting to see it there.

Yes, I think the 18th is a fairly safe bet now. Will be lovely to meet you in person :)